Who’s A Good Boy? Georgetown’s New Mayor! – Colorado Town Swears In Parker The Snow Dog

  • Mayor Parker will get things done! – Right after his walk.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. But do they make good politicians? Maybe compared to the current political climate, a dog seems like a reasonable choice…

Meet The New Mayor Of Georgetown, Colorado

This week, a local celebrity in Georgetown gained the title of Honorary Mayor. Parker The Snow Dog is the mascot for Loveland Ski Area and the Camp Therapy Dog for the Rocky Mountain Village Easterseals Camp. He is also the unofficial mascot for the Denver Broncos football team. Parker and the official mascot play together at many of the nationally televised games. Georgetown held the official meeting to swear him in on the 17th of February.

The Ceremony

Police Judge Lynette Kelsey performed the ceremony that took place at the Georgetown Community Center. Judge Kelsey said: “I, Parker the Snow Dog, Do swear, on my stuffed animals, that I will give love and hugs to the people and four-legged friends in Georgetown, Colorado. Parker, please stick out your tongue if you acknowledge.” When asked to stick out his tongue, Parker looked around at the people (making the entire crowd laugh), looking nervous. Then he ‘excitedly agreed,’ according to KRDO News . “We thank Parker for everything he does, and we are super honored to be here,” said an officer of Georgetown. They had the dog in a tie, cape, and glasses through the majority of the swear in.


Former famous Georgetown Colorado mayors include Koleen Brooks, former exotic dancer and Playboy model. Brooks cashed in on her polarizing past to appear on talk shows. It’s unclear at this time of Mayor Parker has any past experiences with exotic dancing or nude modeling that may cause controversy in the future.

Facts About Parker The Snow Dog

Parker the Snow Dog is two-year-old and is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He loves napping and greeting patrons. He quickly stole the hearts of his loyal fans with his Instagram and Twitter. Parker is often seen visiting with kids and adults from Rocky Mountian Village Easterseals Camp , which is used by more than 800 children and adults with disabilities.

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