Which M&M Flavor Is The Strangest? Part Two


If you read the first piece, Which M&M Flavor Is The Strangest? Part One, then you know about the amazing-ly strange M&M flavors, from holiday candies to candies that taste like Strawberry Nut. (What does a Strawberry Nut taste like you ask? You will just have to try and find out for yourself.) Which M&M flavor do you need to try, and three new flavors that debuted for 2018, and got voted on!


This Christmas classic is a play on getting an orange in your stocking. Have you ever? The oranges actually symbolize the gold that was left in the stockings by St. Nicholas.

Peanut Brrr-ittle

Because baby it’s cold outside. And who doesn’t love peanuts and peanut brittle? I know I do. These M&M’s would go great with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or even a top a bowl of ice cream. Yum!


Speaking of coffee, have you ever used cinnamon in your coffee? Just put it right into the grounds before you brew it and bam. Cinnamon coffee is so good. Oh, I digress. Back to the cinnamon M&M’s. Cinnamon and chocolate is a great blend if you’re a cinnamon fan, and this is a milk chocolate blend is smooth and a little spiced.

White Chocolate Candy Corn

Ok, this is it. This has got to be the strangest M&M flavor of all time. And worst. I mean, candy corn is lost on most people anyhow and now, you’re making it an M&M and using chocolate? No. Just no.

Cookies and Screeem

Yes! This Halloween M&M flavor is a play on cookies and cream and how good does that sound? These M&Ms are cream on the inside and black sparkle on the outside. Honestly, what more could you want from an M&M flavor than a cream inside and a black and sparkly outside?

Pumpkin Spice

Because the world, or at least the US, is addicted to and always wanting everything pumpkin. (Except me, where the apple flavored M&M’s at?) Anyhow, these pumpkin spice M&M’s are everything they are supposed to be and more, all for the Fall season. Even the coloring of these candies is Fall like with the orange, green, and brown. But some people (read: me) are not a fan, and well, I guess I’m not the only one.


Of course, they are speckled and egg-shaped, to stay in following with the name. These milk chocolate M&Ms come in pastel pink, yellow, blue, and purple. They are all Easter-y and stuff.

Malt Mini Eggs

Because you need malted eggs for Easter, and you need them to be minis. These M&M’s are smaller but like the picture, the normal shape of M&Ms, and pastel. Well they are a little speckled, they are not as original or as egg-y as the speckled ones.

Coconut Eggs

And if you didn’t get enough coconut, or enough eggs, then here are some more. These are egg-shaped in the speckled and pastel pink, purple, blue, and yellow colors. Coconut and chocolate is easily one of the best sweet combinations out there these days and these are just as delicious, and do not disappoint.

Pecan Pie

These dark brown, off white, and dark mustard yellow M&Ms are all Thanksgiving and you can imagine why. And yum, pecan pie is easily the best kind of pie out there. Let’s be extra thankful for this on Thanksgiving. Who’s with me?

Candy Apple

Yes! This is way better. Pumpkin spice, bye! However, being an apple fan doesn’t ensure that candy apple M&M’s are any good, and would they be? Try and see! They killed it on the color at least with their dark red blood and cherry red, too.

White BOO-tterscotch

If you’re still in the mood for Fall, here is another flavor you just have to have. This white boo-tterscotch M&M flavor comes in orange, a peach, and a light brown color, all reminiscent of butterscotch. And all delicious.


And another winter favorite are these milk chocolate Gingerbread M&Ms. In very Christmas like fashion, these candies are dark brown, red, and bright green. It would be fun if they made these M&M’s in the shape of little gingerbread people. Is that asking too much?

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is perfect during the holidays and these dark chocolate M&Ms are perfect, too. Christmas, the snow, the cold breeze, and all of the things of winter are conducive to wanting to have hot chocolate. But hot chocolate is not always available and sometimes, you may just want a sip or two and not a whole cup, and then there are these bite-sized ‘hot chocolates.’ Perfect!

And the three M&M flavors that were up for choice by their fans were crunchy mint, raspberry, and espresso. And for the winner? Drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeee, it was crunchy mint! Of course it was, mint and chocolate and also it’s crunchy? There is nothing about that, that doesn’t say winner.

So that’s that. In conclusion, the White Chocolate Candy Corn is easily the strangest M&M flavor there is. What do you think the strangest M&M flavor is? Let me know in the comments!


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