Which M&M Flavor Is The Strangest? Part One

If you’re an M&M lover, than all of these strange flavors are for you! Or maybe not. But did you know that cake is an M&M flavor? There are some seriously strange, and seriously delicious flavors out there. Here’s everything you needed to know about these non-mainstream M&M’s.


Like the ice cream, this flavor is a blend of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. But unlike the ice cream, they promise to melt in your melt in your mouth, and not in your hand. Isn’t that how the saying goes anyhow?

Vanilla Cupcake

This candy is chocolate, yet the flavor is vanilla cupcake. Hmm. How does that work? Whether you know how or not, who cares? This M&M flavor is all vanilla cake and  pastel colored. They come in green, pink, blue, purple, and lavender. Who wants some?


Yum. Can we say, amazing? If you were on an island and there was only one thing you could eat for the rest of your life while you are on this island, what would it be? Coconut M&M’s? Ya, I thought so.

Double Chocolate M&M’s

Because just chocolate aren’t enough right? If you’re a chocolate lover, than double chocolate is double delicious. Am I right?

Triple Chocolate

Than again, who needs double chocolate when you can get your hands on triple chocolate? These brightly colored red, pink, and purple M&M’s are filled with all your chocolate flavors. In just one cute, delicious little candy you can have the ever popular milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even a little healthy dark chocolate. Win, win, win!

White Cheesecake

Well, if you’re a cheesecake nut than this M&M flavor is nothing but perfection. The colors are pastel-y in white, blush pink, and pale yellow. But the taste? All cheesecake.

Strawberry Nut

Then again if you are nuts about nuts, the Strawberry Nut flavored M&M’s will be all you need to survive, literally. I mean who needs more than nuts and strawberries anyhow? Get those pesky vegetables out of your diet and choose Strawberry Nut M&M’s instead.

White Strawberry Shortcake

And for those of you that love strawberries, but not nuts, why not try the White Strawberry Shortcake? These M&M flavor has that yummy cake taste, with drizzled strawberries and sauce and none of the mess or clean up, all in one little chocolate candy. 

Crispy S’mores

Need I say more? All the goodness that is a smore, in a little bite-sized candy? And you don’t have to smell of bonfire? I’m totally in.


Um, yum. These dark chocolate M&M’s are dark purple, red, and a matte pink and how yummy. Berries and chocolate are already delicious, no matter how you match them up. And mixing raspberries with dark chocolate, it’s like chocolate-dipped berries, but again, mess free!

Red Velvet

This is a Valentine’s Day specific M&M, or at least it used to be. These typically Valentine’s day chocolate candies are bright cherry red, dark blood red, and a sparkling, bright white. They are milk chocolate in variety and you don’t even need to eat this “cake” with a fork!

Easter Sundae

See what they did there, with the name? So creative. And really, so is this M&M flavor. The teal-y blue comes with an off white and an Easter-y pink. They are white chocolate candies surrounded by a milk chocolate center.

Birthday Cake

And for everyone’s favorite holiday, their own birthday, M&M’s wants you to celebrate you, with chocolate! These almost traditional milk chocolate candies are the bright red, yellow, and blue colors we have come to know and love.

These flavors are strange in the most awesome and delicious way. Try some, or try them all, they’re worth it!

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