What People Are *Actually* Doing During the Quarantine

Do you think after 2020 that we will hear the words quarantine, mask, or toilet paper, and not shutter for a second? No, me either. But not all quarantine is bad, and this is why.

Spending Time

This is the thing, most of us have a little extra time these days, and with lots of stuff closed for a while or to stay-mask free, we’ve started spending lots of time with our people, and it’s been great. At the beginning, there was a huge push to staying away from friends, family, especially the old and the young, and anyone else who may have been immunocompromised. As quarantine came to an “end,” read: as people got more and more over it, we have started to venture back out. A lot of people are still staying in more than ever before and inviting over friends and family in small doses, and it’s given us time to focus on the best part of life again, people.

Hoarding Toilet Paper

Unfortunately, this was definitely a thing. The more people saw others hoarding toilet paper, the more they themselves hoarded toilet paper. It was a mess. Stores were running out in no time at all and once product did come back, they restricted how much you could buy. This was just at the start of quarantine and went on for maybe a month or so, but is over now.

The Hearts

Who remembers the hearts? How many of your neighbors or the businesses around you still have the hearts up? When COVID-19 first started, it was all about the hearts. No matter the color, size, or design, and some people got really creative, the hearts were and still are, a symbol of togetherness. If you see them, now you know what they are and if you haven’t put up your hearts yet, there is still time.


People have lost work, businesses, and worse, other people, throughout the bulk of this year. But people have also gained a lot, and time is one of those things, along with a new appreciation for the simpler things in life. Even people with a love for the outdoors already are appreciating and enjoying the fresh air and blue skies a little bit more these days. And if you just temporarily had time off over the summer for whatever reason, I hope you took the time to get outside, out of your mask, and into nature.

Banana Bread

With so many at home, a lot of trends seemed to pop up, and banana bread was one of them. Everyone was making it, and everyone was enjoying it. You could make the standard banana bread, or add chocolate chips, cocoa, cream cheese filling, nuts, or whatever you like, just as long as you were baking and eating banana bread.

Sourdough Bread

This trend was more recent, the last couple of months or so, but now instead of making banana bread, we are all making sourdough bread, and I’m not mad about it. Loaf after loaf, spread with butter, jam, cheese, or even dipped into your favorite soup, this bread is the bread to make.

Online Shop

Not that most of us don’t already love or at the very least, participate, in online shopping but, sad to say, the stores are running out of stuff. Shipping is behind, shelves are empty-er, and the selection is worse than ever. Add the growing price of literally everything and it’s kind of a mess. Online shopping is a good source of selection and maybe better prices, too, but keep in mind that most things are taking longer to get to us as well, this year is certainly no 2019.
Have you been doing all or for that matter, any, of these activities during quarantine? If not, there’s still time, but also, can COVID-19 just go away and be done now, please?

It’s almost ugly to say it but I *hope* you’re enjoying something out of quarantine, if nothing more than you have worked through the whole thing and still have a steady income.

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