Weirdest Presidential Memorabilia You Can Buy

The auction house RR Auction in Boston launched online bidding for a bunch of presidential memorabilia, and some of it weirder than others. Last year, they sold a lock of Lincoln’s hair alongside a telegram covered in bloodstains. The winning bidder remained anonymous but paid $81,000 to own a remnant of the 16th president. There’s a lot of scraps leftover from the presidencies of the past. Trump infamously tore up every paper after every meeting. Presidential archivists had the painstaking job of taping them back together after retrieving the pieces from the garbage. 

Here are some of the weirdest items from the 300 presidential artifacts at RR Auction if your stimmy is burning a hole in your pocket. 

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

Locks of Hair

Personally, I find all locks of hair in poor taste, not just the ones with blood-stained papers. This year you can snag locks of hair from George and Martha Washington, tastefully displayed in pendants (ew.). 

Signed Baseballs

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Presidents signing baseballs doesn’t make a lot of sense, except it’s an all-American sport, and they’re in charge of America. They’ve been a popular collector’s item since the 80s, but their worth varies based on who signed it. The opening bid for Gerald Ford’s signature on a baseball is just $200, but one by Reagan starts at $3,000. 


Hard to imagine your notes and scraps of paper from day to day being worth something someday. George Bush Sr. has some notes up for auction this weekend, including one (for $200) to “Phyllis” that says, “Glad to do it! No my pants and his shirt = coincidence.” 

A $35,000 Sweater

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Of course, it’s from Kennedy, and it’s his collegiate sweater from Harvard, with a big H and his name embroidered on the collar. It’s framed in a shadow box and was most recently owned by a CBS cameraman who received it from Jacqueline Kennedy while filming an interview of the former first lady. She gave it to him because he was cold and told him to keep it as a memento of the late president. 

Golf Score Card

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Presidents spend a lot of time playing golf. I imagine it’s peaceful to get away from it all for a while–to escape the White House and the politicians. Barack Obama’s signed scorecard from Woodlawn Golf Course. President Obama filled out the scorecard for the quartet’s 16 holes.

A Personal Check

While everyone got a check with Trump’s signature on it last year, this one is personal, from the 45th president to a sports memorabilia store from back in 2011. The (cashed) check is for $900, which the auction house believes was for his notorious baseball paraphernalia collection. The starting bid is $1000.

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