Weird Tricks to Make your House Look More Expensive

  • It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look like you have expensive style, and these weird tricks will show you how.

You know when you see a house and it looks like it just had the best (and most expensive) decorator? Well, here are some weird tips so you can create this “look” at your house, too.

Good-Looking Adhesive Hooks

Not only will you save your walls, but your hooks will look good hanging your stuff. The 3M-type hangs hooks have really come a long way. There are chrome-plated hooks and old craftsman hangers and more. These will give you a major step-up from the white plastic ones we used in college. They won’t ruin your paint or walls and they take minutes to install. There are also differently weighted ones, so that you can be sure whatever you’re hanging on the wall will be supported and with style.

Food Scale

Apparently if you keep one of these on the counter, it looks like you’re a serious baker (or an insane gym person that measures every ounce of their food..not that I would know.) Really though, if you are a baker there is not better way to go. Weighing ingredients will create the perfect baked goods and these sleek scales come in all colors. The monochrome finish looks most sleek and stylish on any of your kitchen counters.

Carafe Set

We all need water and when you serve it out of these beautiful and simple glass carafes, it just makes your hydration all that more “expensive” looking. There are different sets, and some of them have matching tumblers that double as a lid. Because of it’s own lid/tumbler, a carafe works well in the kitchen, but also great in the bedroom, office, or as a part of your bar cart in the living room.

Fairy Lights

Lighting can really change the feel of a room, patio, or even used in and as décor. Fairy string lights are strung on long strings, usually powered by USB and with different light settings, adjustable by remote control. Reviews say that the lights are easily bendable, so you could use them in a glass vase or design them any way you want to. They are bright and really cozy up the place they are placed in.

Wicker Basket Sets

Wicker baskets are great for storage in the bathroom, and have that well-kept and together look about them. The handwoven textures look elegant and their sturdy construction makes them functional and nice to look at. You don’t have to buy real wicker to get this look, they really are beautiful and a great spot for all those bathroom extras.

Above Toilet Storage Shelf

Another way to fancy up your décor (and hold onto your stuff) is to “install” an over the toilet storage shelf. You can store things and they are all within reach whilst you get ready for your day. Because it’s free-standing and sits on the back of your toilet, it doesn’t require any holes in the walls or installation. The matte powder-coated iron comes in modern black or pristine white, so take your pick, match your bathroom, and enjoy your new stylish bathroom organizer.

Mirror Trays

When you see mirror trays in the old-school movies, they look so fancy, so Titanic, so elegant. And you can get this same expensive look into your own house by using mirrors as decorative spaces as well. This glam organization will give any room a touch of class and beauty. You could use it as a chic serving platter as well but one review says, “This mirrored tray just transformed my bathroom to a 5-star Luxury Suite.” And who doesn’t love that?

Decorate with Posters

Sounds crazy, but hear me out. Posters are cheap and lots have gorgeous art and pictures on them, so capitalize on that! There are poster frame hangers that are a great alternative to pricy frames but still look expensive. They come with magnets embedded in the wood frames, keeping your posters wrinkle free and ready to decorate your walls. This is a great way to have beautiful canvases, without the price of paying for framed canvases.

These low cost but expensive look items will really step up the décor in your house. Which new items do you just have to have?

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