Weird Hobbies That People Love To Do

Even for most of us essential workers, we all seem to have extra time on our hands these days. Whether we’re napping, enjoying old hobbies or binging a lot of screen time, we’re all finding new ways to keep busy these days.

Do you like common hobbies, or things that most of us don’t like? Here are some strange but true hobbies, that may or may not be your new favorite quarantine activity.

Toy Voyaging

Toy voyaging is quite the hobby. All you have to do is register online to send your toy on vacation to another part of the world. If you want to, you can even host some else’s toy for the vacation. The hobby is taken very seriously by those who partake, and some choose to even give their toy a mission to fulfil and a travel journal to be completed by the host. Oh, and of course pictures of it all. Do you think you would add this to your hobbies?

Making Snow Globes

Snow globes are therapeutic and enjoyable to watch, so making them would only add to the wonder and excitement of such a beautiful piece. Even Tay Tay loves making snow globes in her spare time. So if you want to have an afternoon crafting the Taylor Swift way, than making snow globes is it.


Do you love to fish? Then you’ll love to noodle! Just kidding, one definitely isn’t dependant on the other. Noodling is when you fish with your bare hands. Because fish are slippery and fast, catfish is a good fish to noodle.


Using satellite technology, and like everything else these days, a phone app, you can take yourself on a real-life treasure hunt. You locate caches and find small boxes of trinkets and other treasures which can be swapped. Make sure you sign the logbook as well to let others know you were there! Geocaching is such a fun activity, it’s free, and you could even meet others enjoying the same thing you are. Some people think this is one of the stranger hobbies but as a geocacher, rest assured it’s a great time.

Suing People

This is considered a weird hobby for some people, how could you even wants hobbies like this? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Jonathan Lee Riches made it into the records for being the person who has filed the most lawsuits. He has sued Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, the Eiffel Tower, and even select Buddhist Monks.

Collecting Barbie Dolls

There are hobbies weirder than collecting things and get this? Someone famous likes to collect barbie dolls, and I bet it isn’t who you think it is. Johnny Depp is an avid barbie doll collector and says he often plays with the dolls when getting into character for a role. Ok so yes, but also, that just made it a little more weird.

Duck Herding

So while this hobby isn’t really reality for most of us, if you live on a farm you could have, and maybe already do have, ducks. Did you know that ducks can be herded in the same way that sheep are? It’s a competitive sport and also has become popular for businesses for corporate team building events.

Beetle Fighters

In beetle fighting, people pit their insects against one another in small plastic arenas. Of course they film it and upload it to YouTube. Some beetle fighters even attempt to breed their own beetles to in an effort to create a champion.

Soap Carving

This artsy hobby isn’t really weird but very artistic. Artists carve up bars of soap into intricate works of art with specialist tools and techniques.

Have you gotten into any new hobbies this quarantine season? Maybe you’re just eating a bunch of good food and taking this time to slow down in life. Hopefully you will try one of these weird hobbies during your time off.



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