Wait Lines Are Going to Explode the Day This Game Releases

  • Nintendo Labo
  • The Variety Kit
  • The Robot Kit

Nintendo Labo

Coming to stores April 20th, 2018, the Nintendo Labo will be the newest interactive game rated E for everyone. Labo is different, because it is a combination between cardboard toys and a game console. Labo lets you do all sorts of activities, from being a robot that stomps out entire cities to recording piano music that you composed yourself. Once you build the cardboard pieces around the Nintendo Switch system and Joy-Con, you are ready to experiment and play!

You can pre-order these sets through Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. They include the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit.

The Variety Kit for $69.99

5 Unique Features:

  • Toy-Con Piano:

    This piano appears to be a single octave, but can actually be adjusted to the number a traditional piano includes. Experiment with different types of sounds and notes as you create your own melodies. With the Toy-Con Baton, you can change your tempo based on your movements.

  • 2 Toy-Con RC Cars:

    Using the Joy-Con controller to steer, you can race this little RC car around anywhere you’d like. A unique aspect about this device is its night vision abilities using its IR Motion Camera. Need to complete a mission using your RC car in the middle of the night? Nintendo has got you covered.

  • Toy-Con Motorbike:

    Placing the large device on your lap, you would pretend to drive it like a real motorbike. Twist the right handlebar forward to speed up. When you want to turn, just lean in the direction you would like to go. You can perform tricks like wheelies, and participate in competitions with computerized riders. It even lets you customize the terrain you ride on!

  • Toy-Con Fishing Pole:

    A new and improved version of the old fishing simulators from the 90s and early 2000s, this mock fishing pole connects to the Joy-Con screen to give you a visual of your fishing experience. Once the pole vibrates, you jerk the rod up to hook. Then, reel it in and you’ve got yourself a fish! Meanwhile, you can watch it wriggle and fight your efforts on the screen. Or, if you so desire, you can opt to enjoy watching the fish swim by with the relaxing sound of water in the background.

  • Toy-Con House:

    This appears to be a hybrid between the beloved Tamagotchi pocket pet and the Animal Crossing video game. Inside the house lives an adorable creature waiting to be fed and played with. This house is as interactive as the creature, because you can experiment with block combinations in the side ports, and shake or tilt the house to create different appearances and activities. If you have a friend who has the Toy-Con House, as well, you can connect the devices to engage your creatures with one-another.

The Robot Kit for $79.99

The Robot Kit could turn out to be the most popular of options to play with. A full-body experience, you wear a headset and a backpack that extends controllers to your hands and feet. Different motions will cause different actions on screen, like crouching or flying. The Nintendo Switch connects to your TV so you can watch your robot-self stomp, kick, punch and so much more! Enjoy connecting with a friend who owns this same device so you may battle each other.

From interactive game consoles like Wii to Labo, what will Nintendo come up with next? You’d better pre-order today or prepare to face an endless line at GameStop.

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