Trending Christmas Cookies to Bake in 2021

  • The most popular being the Peanut Butter Blossoms, and for good reason, they are delicious. 

Trending Christmas cookies this year aren’t so different from years past because as the saying goes, oldie but a goodie. Here are the trending Christmas cookies of 2021.

Sugar Cookies

These cookies are traditional, but you can also do whatever you want with them, making them versatile as well. Sugar cookies topped with a whipped frosting and sprinkles are easy and delicious. Add a bit of lemon extract into the batter for a fresh twist on these cookies. Topping these simple cookies is fun and yummy with chocolate candies on top. 

Ginger Snaps

And the crispier, the better! And if you like them soft, and you can make them this way as well. A little extra color and some extra crunch will always be my favorite. 

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Imagine if you took a brownie square and “broke” it into two pieces. This is what chocolate crinkle cookies look like to me and it’s pretty much what they are. These cookies are a rich, fudgy brownie-type cookie with a crackly crust and covered in powdered sugar. These are trending Christmas cookies and how gorgeous (and delicious) do they look?

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Or so they’re called. Peanut butter cookie dough balls, rolled in white sugar, and placed on a baking sheet. Once all the cookies are on there, gently place and push a Hershey’s kiss into the middle until the dough has rounded out into a cookie shape. Bake in the oven and enjoy hot for a melty and delicious Chocolate kiss and warm peanut butter blossom. 

Peppermint Piece Chocolate Cookies

After all, it is Christmas. And what is more Christmas-y and winter-y than fresh, hot peppermint. Peppermint and chocolate cookies are not only festive for their flavors but also for their coloring. Deep chocolate and a pop of red and white make these cookies literally taste as good as they look.

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

For most of us, shortbread is the last of the cookies, the ones that are leftover at the end, and that no one wants to take home. But, if you add some red and green M&M’s, it gives them some extra flavor and color, making them all around more festive and tasty. Don’t like chocolate? Use nonpareils or red, white, and green sprinkles for that pop of Christmas color. 

M&M Christmas Cookies

If even the addition of M&M’s to your shortbread isn’t enough to make you a shortbread fan, (I know it’s not enough for me,) then these should do the trick. A yummy, non-shortbread cookie base is used, and then of course to add red and green M&M’s to finish them off. 

Snowball Cookies

If you haven’t had these before, this is the year to bake them and try them out. These cookies come out light and tender. They’re easy to make with a typical cookie base and added pecans and chocolate chips. Form balls out of the dough and then roll them in powdered sugar before baking them. Stack them for fun to make a snowman or even set them up like a snowball fight, for fun and serving.

Butter Spritz Cookies

If you didn’t eat these growing up, or get to make them for that matter, you missed out, sorry to say. The thing is that these old-fashioned, traditional cookies are still very popular and if you don’t have a spritz cookie maker, than you can easily get one. This is a butter-based cookie recipe and you squeeze them out of the machine, cookie by cookie, then finish them off with sprinkles, jimmies, or nonpareils if you like. Either way, they are a rich and delicious cookie. These are the most iconic trending Christmas cookies. 

These trending cookies are delicious for the season but it seems we all have the cookies that we love to have during the holidays. What are your favorite cookies or are you trying something new this year?

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