Top Designs That Are Trending in The Corporate World

Creativity is something that sparks growth in any industry. It has greatly contributed to the development of various sectors. Creativity can be equated to the lifeline of any business; in essence, companies have to be inventive for them to stand out from their competitors. Considering that trends evolve and change over time, businesses should constantly be aware of the changes and readjust themselves accordingly; otherwise, they would risk being obsolete.

Creativity is usually channeled through design; whatever you intend to do, your design has to stand out and appeal to the right market group. Thus, you should have the right team that would help you to attain your goal. Since the world is grappling with the effects of COVID 19, a lot of businesses including design companies have either scaled down or have been forced to shut down. Still, the possibility to order custom signs online with the help of online sign-making companies makes our lives much easier in times of pandemic.

Before commencing on a design project, you have to be specific with what you would be designing. This will help you come up with the right creative input. In a world where everything has become digitized, it’s easy to neglect the conventional print media. Incorporating brochures, flyers, posters, and business cards can make your business have an edge in your industry. There’s usually a sense of intimacy that is associated with print media; this can be attributed to the fact that they are tangible and leave a lasting mental impression. Furthermore, print materials such as brochures can also be resized and used for digital purposes, hence proving to be efficient and effective.

Given that many designs are currently trending; you should be able to know the ones that would perfectly resonate with your business. The following is an in-depth look at the designs that are currently trending.


Custom Illustrations

To kick off the list is the novel technique of custom-drawn illustrations; the design has been widely used by e-commerce stores among other companies in various industries. A study has indicated that custom illustrations are seven times more effective than stock images. Consumers tend to respond well to custom brands; therefore, personalized illustrations have proven to be one of the most effective tools in design. The most lovable thing about this technique is that it helps to explain complex topics by giving a very detailed description through harnessing graphical representation. It can aid in describing infographic data without bogging down the readers with too much information. Consequently, the design has come in handy in explaining topics such as bitcoin and smart contracts, topics that many find hard to understand. Using an adept graphic designer will ensure that the final design perfectly reflects the concepts you wanted to portray and fits your brand.


3D Imagery

The use of 3D has made a complete comeback albeit with an added twist. Many businesses have decided to add shadows, captivating motions, and even edges in a bid to stand out. This strategy has become very necessary since many companies are fighting to get the attention of customers. By incorporating various animations, designers are now able to expand their market reach by harnessing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Considering that VR and AR have become increasingly popular, it’s very imperative to tailor the design of your business by capturing these novel innovations.


Trade Show Designs

In recent times, the number of trade shows has quadrupled; major industries including tech, sports, and fitness have started to host annual and bi-annual shows that educate and highlight the latest innovations in the market. Typically, such events are usually packed by both consumers and market players. Ergo, every company has to do its level best to attract potential clients to their booths. The designated location of a company in a particular fair has morphed from simple stands to more sophisticated booths. Companies invest heavily to design signs that are enormous and attractive. Additionally, you can also combine screens that display visuals of your company to increase the traffic to your designated station.


The Choice of Color Gradient

Another design that has taken shape is the use of gradient colors. Gradient refers to the fusion of two or more colors to produce a completely new shade. Many websites have chosen to work with gradients since it has a sense of novelty. One combination that has become widely popular is blending amber with navy blue, pink, and purple. This style can be used in many different ways without creating the impression of being overly used.


Isometric Icons

Isometric icons have also gained popularity in recent times. A lot of brands have shown interest in using it since the design can contain a lot of information without being clutter. Furthermore, 2D Isometrics are very great in explaining complex concepts; this is the reason it has become the design of choice for companies that are in technical fields such as fintech, aviation, and medicine. Still, this doesn’t mean that businesses in other fields can’t use it. Isometric design works well when you want to express your business in a fun way. If you want to start using this particular design but you aren’t sure how it will fair with your customers, you can start implementing it on email newsletters and small icons. This will give you a nice perspective on how people will react to them besides helping you to know the areas that would require improvement.


Metallic Techniques 

The use of metallic effects has also been on the rise in the past couple of months. Most designers have learned to work with metallic effects to make their luster appear more realistic and elegant. Many businesses that are in the luxury industry like to match black with rose gold, platinum, copper, or silver. Metallic design works best when used in business cards or websites.


The Use of Hand Written Illustrations

Considering the sheer number of handwriting fonts that are available, this technique offers people the freedom to explore and be creative with their design. It’s a style that works best for businesses that are in industries that can be classified as casual; thus, companies whimsically use this technique. Pairing various illustrations with nature motifs would produce impeccable work of art that will appeal to a lot of people.


Bold Typography

Bold typography is a style that has garnered much traction for a number of reasons. These types of font stand out from the rest making the design campaign pop. Aileron heavy and Bodoni bold have been some of the sort-after san serifs due to their sleek, crisp design that can be tailored in diverse ways to achieve the desired design.


Important Things to Consider in Your Design

Choice of Words

In design, words are considered to be the carrier of your message. They work hand in hand with other elements to convey the intended message. One of the things that you have to take note of is diction. Every word you use has to be intentional and serves a specific function. The phrases you use have to be attractive to appeal to your current and prospective clients.


Color Scheme

Colors usually evoke certain feelings and emotions; you can simply connect with customers by using the correct color combination. Since color shades are virtually endless, they give people a large expanse to explore. Still, you should observe consistency when using colors; this will aid people to have good memory retention of your business. A brilliant example is Coca Cola; if you mention that to people, many of them would start to imagine the red and white colors. The company has done exceptionally well in being consistent with their brand colors in many of their campaigns.



This is yet another factor that is equally important in design. Traditionally, companies used to work with stock images in many of their campaigns. However, that has changed since many businesses prefer to incorporate authentic images in many of their campaigns. This could be pictures of real people in a particular community or their employees. Consequently, it’s a method that has proven to work well since customers relate very easily with such images.



Designs usually change from time to time; therefore, people should always be up to speed with what is trending to avoid making their businesses obsolete. This article has highlighted some of the trends that are currently popular, be sure to implement the ones that fit perfectly with your business.

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