Top 3 Strange and Unusual Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that is constantly changing and offering all kinds of opportunities to indulge in strange and unusual things when you are there. Although there are plenty of activities you can do, if you’re into things that are a little away from the normal, you should definitely visit some unique places that are guaranteed to leave you with memorable experiences.

After all, the Sin City is well known for standing out in all possible ways. Whether it is offering the best Las Vegas online odds, attractive showgirls or busy nightlife, what happens in Vegas, stays there! Let’s now tell you about the top 3 strange and unusual things you can do in Las Vegas when you’re there next.

Erotic Heritage Museum

This museum is situated right across the Trump Hotel, on Industrial Road. Having been operational and open for the general public since 2008, the museum has pink and purple neon signs that light up prominently in the dark, inviting visitors to relish and pay tribute to erotica and its history in all forms. It celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. You get a glimpse of how erotica has had an impact on modern-day society. Other than that, you will get to see erotic sculptures and paintings on display. The museum also offers exhibits that you can interact with, including the largest erotic bicycle of the world and a healthy collection of erotic objects.

‘Bodies – The Exhibition’

How about a museum exhibiting dead bodies in their different states? Does that sound strange and unusual enough?! ‘Bodies – The Exhibition’ has been operating at the Luxor Hotel since 2009. It gives you a close up look of various human organs in their different states of distress, for instance, cancerous tumors, smoker’s lungs etc. However, considering the nature of this exhibit, you get the choice of avoiding certain rooms if you like. There are side doors placed in every room that can divert you to the next display. You will see cadavers positioned in different forms of movement, giving you an inside look at the human skeletal structure and how our muscles work. On the whole, it offers a very unusual experience.

The Mob Museum

This museum is located downtown, inside a building that used to be a courthouse and post office once. The National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement, also called the Mob Museum, is a one-of its-kind in the United States, dedicated solely to organised crime. This three-story exhibit gives you an insight into how organised crime impacted the law enforcement in the modern day, especially in the Sin City.

Visitors can freely stroll around and take a self-guided tour through its three floors, getting the maximum out of their time and experience, and viewing the exhibits at their own speed. In order to make it a truly realistic affair, you get to witness things like a sound booth which plays the life stories of La Cosa Nostra, a piece of wall and bullet fragments obtained from the St Valentine’s Day massacre, etc.

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