Top 10 Unusual and Odd Puzzles

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Do you love unique, and utterly strange, puzzles? If you do, these gifts are for you! Or any puzzle lovers you know, that is.  These puzzles are downright puzzling!  Come on, we had to!


Wasgij 1,000-Piece Mystery 9 The Great Train Robbery Jigsaw Puzzle








Not only is this jigsaw puzzle entertaining, it’s mysterious, too. You need to play detective and follow the clues inside the box, to solve this whodunit “puzzle,” before moving onto the actual puzzle! Only then will you have figured out the image that you need, to put the jigsaw pieces together. A puzzle inside a puzzle?  Mind blown!  Buy now!


The World’s Largest Puzzle – 51,300 Pieces!









What more could you want as puzzle lovers than the world’s largest puzzle? Not only is it the largest but it’s the most amazing you will ever see. The colors and images are realistic and sharp. And with 51,300 pieces, there is so much fun to be had with this puzzle. Buy now!


Personalized Photo Puzzle








This is the best! Have a gorgeous photo, that is your most favorite photo in the world? And you love puzzles? Make your favorite image into your favorite new puzzle! It’s inexpensive and fun, measures at 16×20 inches, and comes with a laminated lid. Perfect! Buy now!


Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug








Instead of having a coffee with your crossword puzzle, your coffee can BE your crossword puzzle. Every crossword puzzle mug comes with its own pencil and clues right on the box. Simply wash off the old answers and go online for a new puzzle every month. A coffee and puzzle lovers dream! Buy now!


Game of Thrones 4-D Puzzle of Westeros and Essos






This 4-D Cityscape is a patented, multi-layer puzzle that’s not only fun but challenging and educational, too. The first two layers of the puzzle map out the cities, streets, islands, roads, railways, parks, and geography. After those are complete, it’s time to take a trip through history. If you love Game of Thrones, you will love this puzzle. Buy now!


Blank Puzzle Challenge






Like the first mystery puzzle, the Ravensburger Krypt Silver 654-piece puzzle may leave you scratching your head! But in a good way. This is one of the most difficult puzzles, EVER, to decode, because all the pieces are blank! So, you may need to depend on your ears more than your eyes for this one, since the pieces make a “click,” when they fit together correctly. If you have a few hours (weeks, years) to spare, or want your gift recipient to feel the pain of their last ugly Christmas sweater gift to you, consider buying this puzzle! At the very least, it’ll make you feel like a member of the Mensa high-IQ society… Buy now!


World’s Smallest 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle








Puzzle lovers will agree that almost any puzzle, is a good puzzle. This small puzzle is a collage of flip flops. The puzzle is made entirely of recycled material and thus earth conscious as well. The ink is soy-based, proving this company is not just green, but committed to it. Buy now!


Space Observatory – An Escape Room Experience in Puzzle Form








Another great Ravensburger puzzle, this 759 piece puzzle is an escape room puzzle, made especially for adults. It’s glare-free imaging and no-fray puzzle pieces make it extra resilient and high quality. And what fun content! Buy now!


Personalized “We First Met” Map Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is a celebration of love and fun for any couple. This unique and romantic gift is perfect for your love, no matter the occasion. All you have to do is send in the address you first met your person, and the company will create a jigsaw puzzle centered around that location, just for you! Buy now!


Dinosaur Head 3-D Paper Craft Kit Puzzle

This DIY dino puzzle is the most fun yet. Not only are you able to create your own decor, but you could make it a puzzle party with friends, and everyone can get in on the fun. Pre-cut paper makes it easy to assemble, and the paper is durable and will keep its shape for a really long time. Just make sure to keep it away from fire and water. Buy now!


These puzzles are the perfect gift for all puzzle lovers and super fun. And that crossword coffee mug, what better way to enjoy your morning cup of joe?

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