These Are The Weird Quirks We All Have, and Love: Part One

Weird quirks – we all have them. Some more than others 🙂

Some are fun and entertaining while others are just plain annoying and stress-inducing. What are your quirks like?

Constantly Complaining

This is a bad quirk. Everyone knows that negativity breeds negativity. This quirk is not a good one and most people try to stay away from others who complain a lot.


Everyone wants the people around them and the people in their life to be loyal. This is the best quirk to have, to be there for the people in your life,  to help them and to love them no matter what. Loyalty may not be a weird quirk, but it is the best one.


Being adventurous is another of the best quirks. You need people in this life that are adventure seekers and want to do new things, explore new things, and find all the wonders of this world.

Fun Fact Aficionado

Fun facts appeal to almost everyone. People like to hear random facts and acquire additional knowledge about things that don’t really matter but are interesting or fascinating to know nonetheless.


This quirk can be fun but also exhausting for others that are not so full of energy. It is always great to have someone that is bouncing off the walls and ready to do things, they allow others who aren’t so energy-filled the chance to relax while they get in their 100,000 steps a day and never do any sitting.


This quirk can be hard to find but fun people are always great to be around. They generally have a smile, something enjoyable to say, and will find a way to drag you into the fun, too, even if you don’t want to.


This quirk relates to all the people that sleep all the time, all night long, take naps, and sleep in, yet are still tired all the time. No matter how much sleep these people get, they are somehow still tired, and still want to be sleeping more, no matter what they are doing.

Direction Stupid

This one is me, oh, is this one me! No sense of direction, and maybe even, complete wrong sense of direction. Some people are always getting lost and thanking technology every single second of life for GPS.


Some people laugh, some people twitch, and some people cry. It doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad, sad or otherwise, some people are criers and our society calls them emotional.


This quirk is a party favorite because who doesn’t like to see a fun trick? People who know how to do card tricks and have slight of hand are the kind of people we all want to hand out with. Well, as long as they aren’t versed in pickpocketing.


And then there is the other side of the coin. The people that show no emotion. Some people do not laugh, cry, get excited, or even smile. We call these people, men. Just kidding. There are some women like this, too.

Addictive Personality

This doesn’t mean you’re an addict in the bad sense, though having an addictive personality isn’t a great trait. We all need balance. But having a personality like this means you are addicted to almost anything. You could be addicted to working out, drinking coffee, smoking cigars, watching tv, eating soap (it’s happened,) or pretty much anything you do. If you like it enough, you will like it so much that it’s all you want or want to do. This is a weird quirk but much more common than we realize.


Also known as composed, sometimes called prim or prissy, these people are very, quiet, calm, and polite. They also don’t often show emotion and are very business-like in their everyday life. Some people will call this weird quirk boring or “vanilla,” others would say we need more of these people in this life.


This weird quirk is a fun one, too. People who can imitate others voices or do different accents are the life of the party. Most people love accents, too, so it is fun to listen to others with this quirk, I mean, talent.

These are only some of so many quirks that people have. What is your favorite quirk in others?


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