These Are All The Ways to Use Baking Soda: Part Two

Did you read These Are All The Ways to Use Baking Soda: Part One? My favorite baking soda hack is sticking an opened box of baking soda into the refrigerator to help absorb smells. Here are more uses for this inexpensive jack-of-all-trades, product. 


Yes, it’s true. You can use baking soda as toothpaste. It won’t lather like regular toothpaste does though, nor will it have a minty taste to it. But it will work, including a good cleaning for your teeth and fresh breath, too.

As an Exfoliant

Who knew? If you use three parts baking soda to one part water, you can use this mixture to exfoliate your skin. Once it’s kind of paste like, you can use it by rubbing it in circular motions and then all you have to do is rinse it off.


Again, it won’t have the fancy smells or the smooth application, but baking soda is good for cutting down smells and keeping you fresh. Lightly pat the powder under your arms to hep keep body odor at bay.

Clean Silver

Or better yet, polish and shine it up. Make it into a paste with water and rub it onto the silver with a clean cloth, then rinse, and dry.

Clean Dishwasher

Add a little to your wash cycle, it will deodorize and cleanse your dishwasher all the while it washes your dishes. 

Clean up Crayons

You know, if your kid decided to write all over the walls in crayon, or heck, maybe you did. All you have to do is take a damp cloth and lightly scrub to remove crayon from the wall. 

Freshen up Your Animals

The stuffed ones, that is. Sprinkle some baking soda onto your plush and cuddly toys, and then wait for 15 minutes before brushing it off.  

“Clean” Vacuum

This is a great cleaning hack because it cleans the machine from the inside out. By vacuuming up the product, it helps to deodorize it on the inside. 

Freshen Flowers

White sugar soda makes flowers last a long time, and so does baking soda. Add a teaspoon to your flower vase, and while you’re at it, fill it up with white soda for fresh, beautiful, and long-lasting flowers. 

Freshen Your Tea

Just a pinch to your gallon of freshly brewed tea. The baking soda will remove cloudiness and bitterness. 

Boost Your Bleach

If you use a 1:1 ratio of bleach to your baking soda, it will whiten your whites even more! What a great laundry hack. 

Clean Your Dishes

If you soak your pans and dishes in dish soap, plus two teaspoons of baking soda, it provides an excellent alternative to harsher abrasives. 

Clean Your Microwave

You can set an open box of baking soda inside your microwave when you aren’t using it, kind of like the fridge hack. However, you can also use a damp sponge and  a sprinkle of baking soda to clean and help desmell your favorite kitchen appliance. 

Freshen Your Garbage Disposal 

Add ½ cup of baking soda to your garbage disposal and run it for 10 seconds, with the water running of course. Let it sit for 1 hour and then pour in one cup of distilled vinegar and watch it bubble for a few minutes. Turn the hot water on, run and flush it for another ten seconds.

Clean Your Tupperware

You know when you store chili or spaghetti sauce in plastic Tupperware, and it turns an orangish color that refuses to come out? Well, baking soda to the rescue. Scrub them with a paste and rinse for cleaner, less orange, plastic storage containers. 

Which use is your favorite when it comes to baking soda? Cleaning up Tupperware, and so many other things are better, fresher, and more natural, all thanks to baking soda.

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