There’s A Russian Cult Devoted To Gadget From Disney’s Rescue Rangers

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What is your favorite cartoon character? Do you love them enough to make them your deity? Well, this family from Russia loves Gadget Hackwrench from Chip ‘n Dale enough to make her their Goddess…

How It Started

Their love started with the Russian Fandom Of Gadget. The members were all in awe of the Goddess, but they suffered too much from unrequited love and inability to communicate with their idol. Because of this they left ranks of like-minded lovers of their muse, Gadget, and rode off into the sunset, sorta. The administers of the fandom came up with a way to fix this problem… Turn Gadget into the Goddess. The group became the basis of Gadget Hackwrench Cult or Gadgetology. They believe that the fictional character can be revived with the help of unconditional belief and faith. Also, there is a theory that Gadget is already born in a parallel dimension due to the faithful fans and their love. The cult started in Nizhny Novgorod but quickly traveled through the hearts throughout Russia.

How Do They All Communicate?

The cult is perfectly organized. They communicate online, meet offline, and always celebrate the Gadgets Lightbringer’s birthday. The Cult march with torches, icons, and panels. They perform rites, sing songs, write poetry and dance for their Goddess. Gadget’s followers say that the Lightbringer is the embodiment of all virtues on earth and that only her image can help them in difficult times.

Gadgetology Is Divided Into Three Main Currents

These currents are Traditional Gadgetoloy, Progressive Gadgetology, and Apocalyptic Gadgetology.

Traditional Gadgetology:
This is for prayers and righteous deeds for the good of the Goddess.

Progressives Gadgetology:
This is for moral growth, as well as the perfection of deeds and thoughts not only within the church but in real life.
The basic principles are based on Gadget’s friends’ actions. Help your neighbors, fight against evil, and grow above yourself. This is the only way they believe the soul can feel the union with Goddess Gadget.

And last, but not least, Apocalyptic Gadgetology:
This is for faith in prophecy and revelation. Followers of Goddess Gadget believe at the end of the world and salvation is from the behest of the Lightbringer.

The Teachings Of Goddess Gadget

The Second Coming of Gadget: It was expected that Rescue Rangers would be rerun, though it never had. The loyal followers of Gadget still believe she will return in some way.

Good, Evil, and Their Oppositions: On the light is Goddess Gadget herself, while the dark side has Fat Cat. For the righteous followers, death will open the portal to Gadgetdise. However, the sinners will go to FatCatHell.

The World Of Gadget:
The world of Goddess Gadget is a mystery, but her followers think it will be much like this one, but only the higher beings will dwell there. The power of Gadget allows the mouse to appear in front of her followers in any for, at ANY time. The followers are urged to remember this! They tell their members that they should not flatter or be seduced by the speeches of the insidious Fat Cat corrupting the souls of mere mortals.

Our Worlds Creation:
Followers believe that Gadget created our world with the power of her love, it exists only because of the Lightbringer and makes no sense without her.

Fanatic Humility:
The cartoon character and the Goddess are different personalities and they should be separated. Adherents should understand that Gadget belongs to no one, but rather she owns her flock and loves everyone.

The Embodiments Of Gadget:
The cartoon image is not the only face of the Lightbringer. All of her followers know that the Goddess can appear as anything, even as just a person you pass on the street.

Any fan products can be nourished with grace and become an icon, however, you can NOT deliberately embody Gadget in one of your works.

More On Goddess Gadget

The followers have a website to worship their Goddess, where they have religious texts and songs dedicated to Goddess Gadget. They also have lectures on why they believe Gadget is a real Goddess and not just an animated character. They created levels of admissions, realizing not everyone is ready for this information. Three colors White, Red and Black are used for these admissions. White includes basic information. Red opens to those who have time to attend at least three of the white lectures. Black is theory combined with practice and developed for only the completely devoted members of the cult. There is one theory that the arrival of Goddess Gadget is nothing more than the awakening of Cthulhu. The Cthulhu’s alchemical wife is the Lightbringer. However, if the Goddess appears she will awaken the Sleeper in R’lyeh and launch the end of the world.

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