The Weirdest Things That Have Happened Because of Corona

When Corona began, no one really knew what to do, what would happen, or how it would all play out. Here we are in the middle of it now, full quarantine, stay-at-home orders in place, and life as we knew it has pretty much halted completely. 

And that’s not it. Other weird things have been happening, too, like the mass selling of paper products to crazy shows coming out in the middle of these crazy times.

The Whole TP Situation

Some people say it was a meme that started the whole chaos of the toilet paper. Apparently, others thought that Corona could be gastrointestinal. (which it’s now coming out that it *could* have those types of symptoms for some.) Either way, there is still a shortage of toilet paper across the United States. Stores were literally raided of their supplies, limits were posted, and people were crazed. It was even selling for crazy high amounts online. For the most part, you can find toilet paper if you look, but there are some places where the supply has yet to catch up to the demand, and the product is still making it’s way back to the shelf.


These terms will never be thought of in the same way again. Essentials refers to people that have to work right now, as they are considered essential. While non-essentials are not “needed” and they should shelter-at-home and only leave the house for needed essentials. Essential jobs and places that have stayed open are hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, transportation (to a point but most use has slowed way down,) and to whomever deemed liquor stores essential in the United States right now, there is no amount of thanking you for that.


School, what’s that? Oh you mean where kids and parents sit around the kitchen table and work on school work and jump on vuirtual group calls and classroom chats? That’s what school is right now and this has got to be one of the weirdest things that has happened. School was originally cancelled for a couple weeks, but very quickly turned into more than that and eventually it was shut down all together for the rest of the school year. Poor kiddos are missing graduations, proms, their friends, and their lives, too. 


As defined by, quarantine is a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. The US is under quarantine right now,  and while state governors have ultimate say in the stay at home orders or more so to the point, when they will be lifted, most states are still under those restrictions as well. 

Tiger King

If you know, you know. This Netflix documentary came out in the perfect time for binging. Tiger King has murder, mystery, wild animals, and more. There are rivalries between Joe Exotic and other people who raise or rescue big cats, constant drama, and a lot of redneck entertainment.  

Listen to Your Heart

Another series that came out in perfect timing for viewership during this whole Coronavirus time period is Listen to Your Heart. This show stemmed off from the Bachelor Franchise and combines love and music, bringing together musicians that are looking for a relationship. The show is six weeks long and drama-filled, of course. Wouldn’t it be fun to see some of these art lovers come to the beach for Bachelor in Paradise, that is, if it airs this year.

Beyond this weirdness, being forced to stay indoors has reminded people how much they love being outside, the environment and animals are thriving without all us humans out and about, and we all have a little extra time on our hands and some extra dollars in our pockets, thanks stimulus. 

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