The Past and the Present of Eternity Rings

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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans constantly seek out a sense of belongingness and love. It is only natural that once we find that feeling, we want to treasure it forever and celebrate it for years to come.

Throughout history, we have used rings to symbolize affection between humans, so it is not a surprise that the concept of the eternity ring has recently been trending. If you are looking to give your significant other a memorable gift to celebrate your bond, here is a guide to help you understand what eternity rings are and why they are a perfect option.

What Are Eternity Rings?

An eternity ring, often called an infinity ring, is a gift you give to your partner to symbolize your unending love. Originally, the ring was a plain band decorated with diamonds all across. As times change, new variations are also present. You can now find eternity rings in a variety of colors, like opal and gold, besides silver. Their design has also evolved to fit the current trends in jewelry. Many jewelers even provide you the option of customizing your infinity ring to match your particular preferences. Eternity rings are unisex, and couples often prefer to get a matching set.

The ring style you choose should be as unique to you and your significant other as the love between you both.  Eternity rings represent a promise of everlasting love and hold the same level of commitment as an engagement or a wedding ring. The stones that decorate the ring add another layer of meaning to them. For instance, diamond is one of the strongest substances on earth and is also very rare. A diamond eternity ring would represent the unique, unyielding, and intense love you possess. It is a promise of staying by each other’s side forever.

You can also use birthstones instead of diamonds to add a more personal touch. Birthstones also have special meanings, and you can accompany the ring with a note explaining them. For instance, emerald is a popular eternity ring choice as it represents fertility, love, and rebirth — aspects that many value in a relationship.

The History of Eternity Rings

Archeologists believe that ancient Egyptians were the ones to introduce the concept of eternity rings, then known as the shen ring, known to hold a great power because of its circular form – the symbol of infinity. The shape mattered more to them than the rarity or price of stone, as was confirmed after discovering such rings made of bones and metals.

As time went on, humans did not leave behind the idea of the eternity ring. Instead, the concept resurfaced in the eighteenth century as promise rings. In the 19th century, the ring was finally associated with diamonds.

The concept of the ring has played such a vital role in the lives of so many couples before yours. Gifting the eternity ring conveys to your partner that you treasure longevity in your relationship, and the rings tie you to the love of the couples in the past. This strong history adds more depth and thought to the present.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

Tradition dictates that eternity rings, along with the engagement and wedding rings, are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because Egyptians believed that a vein on this finger leads directly to the heart. The order in which the rings are usually worn is first the wedding ring, followed by the engagement ring, and lastly the eternity ring. However, the way you choose to wear your eternity ring is up to you. You can wear it in any order you find best, and some people even wear the three bands on different fingers.

When to Gift an Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are no longer used to mark traditional landmarks such as a 40th anniversary; couples are inclined to give this promise of everlasting love much earlier in life. The right to gift an eternity ring to your significant other is up to you to decide. You can give it as an anniversary present or after the birth of your first child. Sometimes, couples even opt to get eternity rings before getting married or engaged. This action symbolizes the eternal love and respect you’ll always have for one another while you may be reluctant to make a huge life commitment yet.


While an eternity ring may be a historical symbol of undying love and affection, its meaning differs from couple to couple. Your bond with your partner is unique and can not be fully explained with a ring on a shelf. For this reason, you should consider spending time before purchasing a ring to show what represents you both. You might even want to have the ring custom prepared to best match your relationship.


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