The Oddest Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone wants whiter teeth but they can be hard to achieve. And how do we even whiten them? Whether you’re a red wine and spaghetti sauce lover or your hereditary deems you more of a yellow teeth person, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed!

Here are a bunch of odd ways to make your teeth whiter. Do they really work? Well, try them out yourself!


But they’re red! Yes, they are. But they whiten your teeth, too. Strawberries are filled with Vitamin C and will help your yellowing teeth. Mash them up and make them into a paste or spread. Rub it onto your teeth and let it sit for a minute or two. Do this once a week only so that you don’t damage the enamel of your teeth. (Too much of any whitening isn’t good for your teeth.) Yes, you can eat the berry mash after your treatment. But remember to brush your teeth to keep the access acidity at bay.


Yup, good old table salt can help whiten your teeth. Mix it with baking soda and water to create a rub or paste. Brush it carefully onto your teeth and see how it works. You can try this up to twice a week. And the best part is, this treatment couldn’t be cheaper or easier. Who doesn’t have some salt and baking soda around the house at all times?


But lemons are so acidic! They really are and with this and other “acids”  it’s important to brush your teeth, not right after, but closely after to avoid acid damage to your enamel. But using lemon is great for whitening your teeth! Take a fresh lemon and roll it in your hands to help soften it. Next, juice the lemon. Gargle the lemon juice and rub the lemon peel on your teeth. This will help get rid of any yellow marks.


This is by far the most disgusting, revolting.. Just wait a sec! This isn’t traditional charcoal, the kind you throw in the grill, add lighter fluid to, and set a blaze. No. It’s similar but not that. This is what’s referred to as activated charcoal. You can find it in lots of store online, too. Just mix some of the powder with water to create a paste. Add this right to your toothbrush and brush away. It helps remove stains from coffee, wine, tea, and plaque. Yay!

Dental Implants

If you don’t want to go down the charcoal route but are looking for an option that doesn’t involve food, then you could delve into the possibility of dental implants. This option will not only give you that bright smile you are after, but it will also allow you to eat easily still, and your speech can even be improved. Look into tooth replacement with dental implants when you are considering whitening your teeth if you want to smile with confidence.


Celery is almost all water and this is part of what helps it be so good for your teeth. Because of all the water, celery stimulates saliva production. Also, it will help your mouth rid itself of food pieces, too. Your gums will be strengthened by the crunch of biting down on celery and since it’s so healthy and full of water, it’s really an all-around great choice to help whiten your teeth!

Nuts and Seeds

These little powerhouses of nutrition aren’t just good for your bod, they are good for your teeth and mouth health, too. These hard snacks, when chewed, help rub away plaque and stains. So eat all the nuts and seeds as a part of a healthy diet and for whiter teeth and a healthier mouth.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And, the dentist? Apples cleanse and brighten your teeth due to their mild and acidic nature. The crunch of this fruit will help rub away teeth stains over a while. And because this fruit is water-filled, too, eating it will increase your saliva production too. Help get rid of the bacteria that leads to plaque by eating apples.

And since we’re talking all about the odd ways to brighten and whiten your teeth, it needs to be said what will not work. If you want whiter teeth stay away from:

  • Ice
  • Tongue piercings
  • Using your teeth for anything but consuming food (ie ripping something or opening something with your mouth)
  • Red wine
  • Dried fruit (because it sticks to your teeth)
  • Coffee
  • Cigarettes
  • Energy drinks
  • Fizzy drinks like soda
  • Sweets


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