The Nastiest Household Items and When You Should Replace Them: Part Two

  • This list has typically more expensive items, that typically last longer like couches. Staying on trend is one thing but to keep a clean household, everything has limits.

Did you read The Nastiest Household Items and When You Should Replace Them: Part One? Because this is part two, and who doesn’t appreciate life tips these days.

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains start us off on an overall inexpensive item, especially in comparison to the rest of the list. It’s the liner of the shower curtain that really takes the brunt of our showering, and should be replaced every three months or so. You can see when the liner is getting discolored and full of soap scum, and that’s about the time it needs to go. For the shower curtain, if you maintain it and keep a liner in place, can be used for as long as you like the curtain itself, and really only needs to be switched out when you want to change up your bathroom look.

Bath Mat

“A bath mat is one of the most used items in the bathroom, so we recommend washing your bath mat every one to two weeks,” says professional organizer Shannon Krause, owner of Tidy Nest. “Depending on how many people are using that bathroom, you’ll probably see enough wear (discoloration, fabric snags) to replace it in about 18 to 24 months. If you have a bath mat with rubber backing, you’ll want to replace that as soon as it starts to shed or crack. No one wants a slippery bath mat.”

Nonstick Cookware

At some point, your food will stick to your nonstick pan, and that’s when it needs to be replaced. They can get scratched and the handles take on a lot of wear and tear during cooking and cleaning. If you want to switch it up and try new pans, titanium is one of the safest types of cookware you can buy. It’s durable,  resists scratching, and is also nonstick.


Couches aren’t cheap but they are a staple in households, and towards the end especially, are for sure the nastiest household items. Well-constructed couches will last longer, whereas materials like soft wood and metal will sag sooner. Flipping and fluffing couch cushions will help extend the life of your couch but it eventually enough will be enough, and a new one is best. Choose a strong frame with supportive cushioning and woven fabric for a couch with a long life. Be sure to keep up with cleaning your couch as well, on the surface level at the least and a semi-regular deep clean.


The thing is, we use doormats to catch extra dirt, and possibly water and salt, depending on where you live. The doormat is constantly walked on, wiped with shoe debris, and taking a beating daily. You should replace your doormat when the bristles start to wear and fray, along with giving it a daily shake down and a monthly wipe down. If there is a lot of rain or snow where you live, getting a plastic type tray as well as having a doormat could help, as wet shoes could go directly on there and skip the doormat altogether. Mats like this can also be hosed off completely or easily wiped down, making it a very convenient and easily cleanable option.


Curtains stay nice for a long while but it really depends. Do you have a dusty house, pets or kiddos running around? Are there cats hanging from your curtains and sitting in your windowsills? There are a lot of different considerations when it comes to your curtains, but if they have any holes, scratches or rips in them, are hair-covered and not easily cleaned, they need a replacement. Keeping up with vacuuming and getting them professionally cleaned about once a year also helps their lifespan and helps cut down on what sticks to them and the dust that can get into your air, which is especially important for people with allergies.

Are there any of these items that you need to replace this Spring, or year? I’m on my way to buy a new shower curtain liner, what about you?

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