The Grossest Things You’ll Ever Learn About The Gym

Everyone knows that to be healthy means you have to move. And the best place to move, and avoid the elements, is the gym. But there is a dirty secret about the gym, too. And the secret is, it’s dirty.


Sweat is a part of the gym and you cannot get away from it. Especially during a workout, not sweating is more harmful than if you are. The thing is, no one needs your sweat everywhere. They have their own and they don’t want to deal with anyone else’s. There is sweat everywhere so make sure you wipe down machines, mats, and other surfaces you touch, before you touch them. 


Everybody poops. And poop in the form of fecal matter is literally everywhere these days. So again, it’s essential that everything you touch is wiped down. And it doesn’t matter if you’re overseas in New England or here in the states in North Carolina, there is fecal matter and poop covering everything. This could make you pass on the gym, and no one would judge you for that. 


Gym employees make sure to wipe things down and keep things as clean as possible, but it’s on us to do the rest. When you are done with a machine, you should wipe it down. And that’s the same for mats, too. If you use a mat, you should wipe it down. Reported issues from dirty mats range from skin infections or athlete’s foot to plantar warts or worse. These mats are unknowingly covered in sweat, bacteria, and more. If anything, make sure you wipe it down and better yet, bring your own mat to the gym to use. 


Some people do not wash their gym clothes, and not for a long time. As an avid gym goer, admittedly my gym clothes do not always get washed right away. But they never go more than two gym sessions without a soaking. We have all heard of lucky shirts or socks though, items that have a good streak and you don’t want to wash them and therefore, ruin the streak. But you should because, gross.


Using towels from the gym, the actual bath or sweat towels, is not a great idea. Just don’t do it. Can you imagine the amount of sweat, body parts, feet, butts, and more that have touched that towel? And not to mention the hampers where dirty towels are placed and clean towels are moved around are often the same hampers. Just bring your own towel, or use paper towels. They are cleaner and will keep you healthier!

The Pool

The pool is a hot spot for an amazing workout. It is also a hot spot for all the germs, chlorine-resistant pathogens, and bacteria you can imagine. And it’s all around you,  soaking into your hair, and skin. Dirty pools can cause ear infections, diarrhea, or worse. And the chlorine and chemicals are not always enough, done in the right dosages, or way overused. Also, did you know that the smell of chlorine actually comes from the reaction of the chemicals reacting with the microorganisms? This means the stronger the smell, the grosser the pool. Yuck.


The same goes for the whirlpool. And this is a hot environment that only causes people to sweat more. There have also been disgusting things found in gyms whirlpools, too, like tampons, toe nails, and band aids. One hot tub dip could land you with skin diseases, infections, or even a UTI. Double yuck.


So this is a hot environment, too. And we all know what that means.. More sweating. But that’s not the only thing that’s gross and extra in the sauna. Nope. We have all heard the rumors about what goes on in the saunas and they may not be as much rumors as they are the truth. People who get down in the sauna leave bodily fluids, bacteria, diseases, and possibly even STD’s. So listen, if you want to go into a sauna, don’t breath and don’t sit..unless you have a towel to sit on. But remember, don’t use a gym towel to sit on, bring your own.

Locker Room

This room is a haven for all the most disgusting things. Not only do people sweat everywhere, but they get naked, they shower, they change, and they sit everywhere too, and sometimes in the nude. Locker room benches have even been tested and high amounts of vaginal yeast have been found on the benches. So gross. 

These facts are pretty gross and pretty true. Maybe we should all start doing work from home workouts and skipping the gym? It would probably be healthier for us all.

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