The Craziest Things People Have Bought For Their Pets

Have you seen a dog in a stroller? What about a cat? These are the craziest things that people have bought for their pets.


It’s actually not that crazy now and something you will see in more than one place. Dogs in strollers is weird and so wrong, but people love to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in California, South Florida, or another country, you will see this strange new trend. Owners love to get their dogs into strollers. And instead of going for a walk with them, they are literally taking their pet for a walk..or a roll, as it were.

Nightstand Litter Box

The idea behind this is to have a stylish looking “cover up” that doubles as the litter box. This is crazy, for so many reasons. Number one is why, oh why, would you want to have a cat’s litter box in your room? Not only is the smell atrocious but then they are literally going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or anytime. But let’s say it’s the middle of the night, and your cat needs to go poop. The poop smell is bound to wake you up and if not, then the sound of your cat burying its poop under the litter surely will. Gross, all around.


Now this is a great idea. Cats will go anywhere they can, especially if it’s a space small enough that they need to squeeze through it. They also like to climb on the counters, lay on computers, and walk anywhere there are breakable and fragile things. So, here is something for your cat, that they will love. The CATable. This table is cat friendly and they will love the openings and tunnels they can squeeze their way into and get in and out of. Now, we can all share! The top of the table could be used for anything we need, though the cat will most likely like walking across that, too. And all for the bargain price of $5000.00. Yup, that’s the craziest.

Purr Detector Collar

If you’re a cat lady or a cat man, or you just want to check in on your furry pet from time to time, then the purr detector collar will have to be your next purchase. This collar lets you know if your cat is purring, without having to actually hear the cat purring. You don’t have to be there to listen to the cat, touch it, or be close to it at all. You will know if your cat is content and happy, whenever you want.

Dog Thongs

Yes, you read that right. It’s a thong, for your dog. Not to be confused with dog tongs, otherwise known as a pooper scooper. Anyhow, this dog thong is not only something they can wear, it’s also functional. Win-win! The thong is made out of charcoal cloth that is designed to neutralize odors from your dog’s butt. So really you can think of this as a dog thong, or as a skinny dog diaper that catches their farts and changes them from stinky, farty air to clean, fresh air. Well, mostly. I wouldn’t go sticking your face near your dog’s butt while they fart or anything, but you get the point.

Dog Sling Carrier

You know the carriers that moms and dads use for their kids? Well, this is just like that, but for a dog. This carrier is just like the one for kiddos. The straps are adjustable for a good fit o you and your pup. They can face forward so that they can see everything and you can walk where ever and as far as you want to because you are carrying your pooch.


This is for the fanciest of pets. Pawlish is nail polish for pets. It’s safe for animals, so that is a plus. However, for some people this product is beyond ridiculous and most people would rather not see, or have, polish on their pets nails.

The Goldfish Walker

All animals deserve to take a walk. With dog strollers, cat strollers, dog carriers, and all the things for these typical pets, don’t think all other pets are left out. There is a designated goldfish walker, so that you can take your goldfish for a walk. Yes, that’s right. There is a large, blue metal stand almost, but on wheels. It has a place for the goldfish bowl to be places. The bowl is then held in place with ropes and a circular metal ring. So there you have it. You can now take a pet, almost any pet, on a walk. This is the craziest of the crazy.

Imagine walking down the sidewalk and seeing someone take a goldfish on a walk. Do you have any of the craziest pet items for your pets?

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