The Best Thanksgiving Traditions of the Holiday

Whether it’s food or football, there’s something fun for everyone on this delicious day. Are these traditions in your house, too?


If you’re the chef of the house, there is literally nothing as fun as trying your cooking and snacking along the way. Mashed potatoes are done? Better try a nice large scoop, you know, for taste testing purposes, of course. Whipping some cream for your pie? Add a little cinnamon to it, and put a dollop in your coffee, or tea. Yum, the snacking while cooking is one of the most amazing traditions. 


Even if you’re not a fan, football is as Fall and Thanksgiving as the leaves changing colors. Football games are on all day, so there’s always something to watch. If it’s nice enough, or you live in the south, throwing a football around is a great time, too. 


Do you take that after dinner nap, too, or was that just a tradition in my family growing up? The more you eat, the more tired you are. That goes double if you’re drinking or running around playing with (or like) the kids. 


More energy, or just looking to get moving? Go for a post-dinner walk. Take everyone with you, whether it’s around the block or hiking for a couple miles. Getting outside will be so nice and walking is easy and feels great

Black Friday

Shoppers love this day. Deals on deals on deals, and all at the same time. What a rush. This year though, the year of COVID-19, some retailers are pulling back and instead of Black Friday starting early, stores are actually closing for the night of Thanksgiving. Stores like Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Publix, Trader Joe’s and Target are all closed on Thanksgiving. It seems even the stores are slowing down a bit this year but hopefully that’ll make the Black Friday deals are better than ever.


You know, if you get the long side of the wishbone, you get to make a wish! Does your family enjoy this tradition? After dinner, carefully pull the wishbone out of the turkey and clean it off. It’s best to let it dry out for a bit. Then you take one side, let someone else take the other, and pull!

Thanksgiving Movies

Either you want to “move” after Thanksgiving dinner, or you don’t. If you choose the latter, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles are both amazing Thanksgiving movies. And hey, if you’re gonna put one in, why not make it two? Movie night, minus the popcorn though, because Thanksgiving dinner has us stuffed. 

Food Bank

Go by yourself or take the family, and help out others on this holiday. Food banks hand out food, sometimes serve cooked food, and they’re always looking for helping hands. It’ll get you up and out of the house, and fill your heart, too, as well as your belly.


Thanksgiving is a great day to give thanks and the tradition of going around the table and sharing the things that you are thankful for is the best. And PS, it feels really good to say what you’re thankful for. Don’t wait for the holiday and instead, make this a nightly tradition. 

Turkey Trot

If you’re a family of exercisers, sign up for a Thanksgiving run. You can walk, run, skip, or jog if you want to. The idea is to get outside and get moving. 


If there’s a Thanksgiving parade in your town, go to it! Get some fresh air and enjoy the event. The Macy’s Parade is on every Thanksgiving Day, too, and was always on during the day growing up. 

If these aren’t your favorite traditions, what are? No matter what you do for the holiday this year, enjoy your time and remember to be thankful.

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