The 10 Weirdest Cookbooks Ever

1The Original Road Kill Cookbook

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, a cookbook that is designed solely to help you better prepare animals that perished at the side of a road. What’s strangest about this book is the fact that they don’t specify whether you’re supposed to shovel dead animals off the road when other drivers hit them, or if you’re supposed to be hunting the critters down with your own vehicle.


2The Iguana Cookbook

Iguanas can make pretty cool pets, but when those pets escape, they can become a very problematic invasive species. Author George M. Cera thinks the solution to the iguana issue in Florida could be quite delicious, which is why he proposes you save the state by picking up an iguana trap and a saucepan.


3Eat-a-Bug Cookbook

Have you ever considered eating the bugs in your garden, but decided against it simply because you weren’t sure which spices were best suited to cricket? If so, David George Gordon is here to tell you just how to properly marinate your cockroaches for that perfect flavor.


4Manifold Destiny

Looking to enjoy a tasty snack on your family road trip but don’t want to stop by a fast food joint? No problem, just grab some tin foil, shrimp, pig fat and Cajun seasonings, set it on your engine and pull over 55 miles later for some warm, delicious Cajun shrimp. Manifold Destiny bills itself as the one and only guide to cooking on your car engine, and you know what, they’re probably right.


5Mini-Mart A La Carte

If you think Sandra Lee’s recipes are disgusting, just wait until you see the entries in this cookbook based on making the most of prepackaged convenience store food. For those who don’t mind the extra calories and preservatives, this cookbook shows readers how to make over 50 items using such delightfully gourmet ingredients as SPAM, hot dogs, ketchup, fish sticks and canned bean dip.


6Cooking With Coolio

When someone is named for a cigarette with crack in it, you don’t tend to think of them as great chefs. Coolio is here to change that with such classic Ghettalian and Blasian recipes as “pasta as a rasta” and “chicken lettuce blunts.”


7The Star Wars Cookbook

If there’s anything the Star Wars films are known for, it’s the mouth-watering food they enjoy throughout the saga. No wait, that is utterly untrue. In fact, there are only a few scenes in the original trilogy where the characters eat and even then the food is hardly noticeable. Even so, I’m pretty sure the characters weren’t eating “Greedo’s burritos” or “wookiee cookies.”
Shockingly, the book was so successful that they even released a second cookbook that seems to focus on the prequels. This title offers such intergalactic delights as “Darth malts” and “Amidala challah.” Of course, just like in the movies, you’re probably better off sticking with the original.

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8The Star Trek Cookbook

Just to prove that Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans are always required to make separate but equal merchandise, The Star Trek Cookbook was practically required by law. This guide seeks to answer the age old question, “can Vulcans, Klingons and Bajorans sit down to enjoy a meal together?”
Featuring recipes actually mentioned in the series, fans will be thrilled to finally get to enjoy “Klingon blood pie” and “bregit lung” at home.


9The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide And Cookbook

In a post-apocalyptic world, you would think your first concern would be finding food that won’t make you sick and staying alive. If you insist on maintaining an organic diet that is both delicious and healthy, you’ll probably die, but if you do manage to survive, then perhaps this book might come in handy.


10The Un-Constipated Gourmet

Most Americans don’t get enough fiber, wreaking havoc on the nation’s digestive system. Even so, the last thing most people want to think about while cooking is having the food come out the other end. That’s why the Un-Constipated Gourmet, adorned with illustrations of toilet paper in the corner of each page, probably isn’t a huge seller despite its noble goal. The other reason: no matter how much you need to clean your bowels, bran muffins will never taste good.


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