Teen Strangles Mom After She Confronts Him

  • About his Grades.

If the cliché that teens and their parents don’t get along wasn’t so dead on, it wouldn’t be near as intriguing. But this story takes it over the top, this story is more than the typical family squabble, this story ends when this teen strangles mom, and kills her.

Not only that, but he buried her body underneath the church fire pit. He has been sentenced to 45 years in prison. 

Gregory Ramos pleaded guilty in December to first-degree murder, along with abuse of a body and tampering with evidence. Last Friday he was officially sentenced to 45 years in prison, a sentence that is set to be reviewed after 25 years. (God, why?)

In 2018, Ramos was 15. He strangles mom after a fight about his grades. He admitted to strangling 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger before calling two friends to help him bury her body, and stage a robbery in the house.

He was charged as an adult. 

According to Ramos’ public defender, the judge says the teen regrets his crime and is working to better himself behind bars. “He’s extremely remorseful and he regrets his actions every day,” Matthew Phillips, Ramos’ public defender, told the court last month, “and he’s been trying to be productive; while he’s been in custody, he has been obtaining a high school diploma.”

Ramos called 911 after returning home from school November 2nd, 2018. As soon as detectives arrived on the scene, Ramos told them that he came home to discover that the house had been robbed. 

He claimed that his mother was missing, though her van was still running in the driveway. With questioning, he began to change his story.

He eventually told them that he and his mother fought over a “D” that he received in school, and that during the altercation he strangled her. It took him 30 minutes to kill her.

The two friends he called to help him cover up the killing have both been charged as adults as accessories after the fact to a capital felony. They both plead not guilty.

Ramos was emotional during the sentencing, telling relatives that he was sorry and not making any excuses for himself. The judge allowed Ramos’ 84-year-old grandma to see his face up close and pray with him. 

She told him she would always be there for him. Ramos is being remanded in a Florida prison to serve his sentence. 

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