Steampunk “Decor” is The New Age, Old School Combo You Will Love

Is your decor country chic? Maybe your place is decked out in steampunk. Then again, maybe not. 

Steampunk is a science fiction/fantasy look that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs, inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. It’s also cool, eclectic, and like nothing you have ever seen before.

Steampunk Bangle for iWatch

A stylish band with a technology face, what more could you want in a watch? A piece of jewelry… or a mini phone/laptop! There is a hole for charging and two removable spots for the iWatch in gold color.  Buy it now!

Steampunk “Airship” Flash Drive

This flash drive looks like no flash drive you have ever seen. It has gears and a sleek and good-looking design. There is even an optional blue light that turns on when connected, and the propeller turns on its shaft. Buy it now!

Steampunk Industrial Pedestal Sink

There are so many cool sinks out there these days, and this one does not disappoint on the cool scale. This isn’t a floating pedestal sink, or a fancy marble one, but its inventive look includes exposed pipes and a gauge, making it much more distinctive and fun. These sinks are handmade to order, and made of copper pipe, steel, and stainless-steel components. The bowl is polished, and the sink is done in an antiqued finish. It is also designed and built in the U.S. Buy it Now!

Steampunk Electric Guitar

This is a real electric guitar, with handmade and custom-cut details. The body is bass wood, and the neck is made of maple. This guitar has a cool brown coloring to it and plays beautifully. Buy it Now!

Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard

This black “typewriter” is inspired by the original mechanical keyboard. It has a new wired USB mode and wireless connectivity, for the wireless world we live in. Everything about this typewriter seems and looks old school, but with its new tech upgrades, it’s anything but old. Buy it Now!

Mad Scientist Lamp

This Steampunk Table Art Desk Lamp is for sale and is so cool looking. Obviously, this lamp gives off the mad scientist vibe, at the same time being fully functional and beautiful. These hand-designed lamps are made in Michigan. This light almost has a “distressed” feel and comes with wear, chips, and small (non) issues that complement and add to the character of this piece. Buy it Now!

Automaton Bite 1695 White & Copper Handcrafted Moving Gears Wall Clock

This wall clock is nothing if not gorgeous and honestly, so cool. You can see the gears of the inside of the clock, from the outside. The clock is built using old wood, white, gold, copper, and brown colors. The gears move silently and seamlessly together with the clock mechanism. If you want a wall clock that is different (and way cooler) than anyone else’s, then this clock is for you.  Buy it Now!

Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch

This brown and leather watch is made with a weathered look. There are also two dials, a “key,” and two faux vacuum tubes with red LED’S. Everyone will ask you what time it is because your watch is so cool, and they’ll want to see it. As a joke, make sure you say, “1875,” when they ask! Buy it Now!

Industrial Rustic Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf

This is minimalism, carpenter-style, and gorgeous, all at the same time. This rustic and industrial DIY shelf explains itself as handmade. It’s not only pretty to look at, but practical and strong. Plus, this shelf is equipped to work well outside, or inside. Talk about versatile. Buy it Now!

Nixie Tube Clock

This clock can be personalized, and who doesn’t love something personalized? There is a limit of 5 words, but you can say A LOT in 5 words! This clock is not only personalized but handmade, too, and lifetime service is offered on them. (Though they are reliable and work for up to 30 years.) Buy it Now!

It’s a safe bet that most of you didn’t know what Steampunk was before this article, so now that you know, what do you think? Would you decorate your house,  and your life, in Steampunk?

Note: This post is a sponsored story by  Oddee was compensated to write and share this article.

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