Some Strange Animals We Now Call Pets

People love their pets so much, that they become family to them. Dogs, cats, rats, and tarantulas, what? Yup.

These pets may sound strange but people love them. Who says you have to be furry, fuzzy and warm to be a great pet?


More popular than ever, this new pet is touted for its noiselessness and because they are docile. Tarantulas are low-maintenance and don’t need a lot of space either. They can be handled, but you shouldn’t handle them, and not because they can hurt you. No, because you can hurt them. Don’t injure your tarantula with too much touching.


Some people hate rats in their house while others love them so much, they willingly and purposely bring them into their house. Pet rats are cute though, so there’s that. They are sometimes called domestic rats and are good as a pet for any age. But if you’re going to have rats as pets, have at least two so they can be friends. Rats are very friendly.


Having a scorpion as a pet is no small feat. They are a pet you can never pet. And there are lots of things to do to properly prepare their tank, before they can live there. You need a 2-4 inch layer of substrate on the bottom of the aquarium. Use a clean, chemical-free sand and lightly mist it with water so that it’s moist, but not wet. Your scorpion likes places to hide. So buy your scorpion a flat rock or a ceramic ornament. Also be sure that your scorpion has a shallow dish of water  and we sure to clean it with soap and water every few days. Along with all this, scorpions want heat, a daily mist of water on the substrates and sand and they want to eat, at least once a week, if not twice, and at night. These pets are pretty high-maintenance or at least have some initial price tags and time included, but they are cool.


Because who doesn’t want a monkey as a pet? This could be like that 90s movie Monkey Trouble. The monkey is a stealer and a pickpocket. The kid helps the monkey to be good and not to steal but then before you know it, the owner is back and the monkey is back to his bad habits. Wow, tangent. Anyhow, monkeys are the cutest and I for one would love to have a monkey. At least for a day, like a rental pet. To watch them jump through trees from limb to limb and swing with their tales is definitely entertaining.


These extra small foxes are small for their species and between the size of a cat and a dog. They are not low maintenance, but they are so cute! They are also cat and dog-like, with the alertness and excitement of a cat and the playfulness of a dog. These creatures of full of energy and will tire you out before they are tired themselves. So make sure to want an excitable and energy-filled pet before getting a Fennec.


Yes, just like in Napoleon Dynamite. This article keeps relating to the movies, but what else is true besides people love pets? **Tina, come eat your dinner.** Llamas are a mix between a donkey and a camel. They make great pets with their soft nature, and fur, which is reminiscent of a poodle. Llamas have a clean nature and are friendly, thus requiring less maintenance.  


Ok, so this isn’t so strange. Turtles are awesome and so is having them as pets. The smallest of the turtles are the cutest, and the neediest. When you first get a turtle, they require the most care and a controlled environment. When they mature, they are pretty maintenance-free. There is one thing that they always need though, and this is some type of body of water. They need to swim daily so this is essential for turtles.

So there’s the list of some of the strangest animals you can have as pets. Have you ever had these, or maybe a roommate or family member has? Snakes, and gerbils, and guinea pigs are just the start of it! #petlife

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