Ranked Subway Sandwiches From 1-10: Part Two

If Ranked Subway Sandwiches From 1-10: Part One didn’t have your favorite Subway sub, maybe you’ll find it in this one.

Italian B.M.T.

This yummy Italian sub has pepperoni, Genoa salami, Black Forest ham, and whatever cheese and vegetables you want to add to it. A delicious suggestion is to add lettuce, tomato, pepper, onion, banana peppers and olives. Top it with olive oil, vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper. This ranked Subway sandwich comes in at a solid 8/10.

Turkey Breast

It’s as classic as it comes, and this ranked Subway sandwich is one of the most popular. The Turkey Breast comes with premium sliced turkey breast and your choice of vegetables. The simplest way is the turkey, lettuce, provolone, and oregano route for this sandwich. But for fun, and more flavor, you could add avocado, jalapenos, tomatoes, or even something a little spicy and tangy like banana peppers. This solid and average sandwich gets a 6/10.

Pit Smoked Brisket

The pit smoked brisket sandwich, I mean, need we say more? This brisket has been slow-smoked for at least 13 hours, and adding smoked cheddar cheese, and barbeque sauce, all over signature Italian bread. Between the slow-smoked meat, the smoky cheese, and the sauce with a kick, this sandwich really is a winner. It was rolled out in September 2019 but only for a limited amount of time. Did you try this sandwich well it was out? This sub gets a yummy 7/10 rating.

Subway Club

This sub is piled high with turkey breast, lean roast beef, Black Forest ham and all the veggies you want on it. It’s delicious toasted, and add lettuce, cheese, oregano and pickles, at least if you ask me. This is a basic ranked Subway sandwich but it gets a solid 8/10. 

Steak and Cheese

Weird enough but I have eaten this sandwich before with just that, steak and cheese, and it’s literally delicious. You can get double steak if you want to up the protein in your sub. Want to spice it up? Enjoy the Chipotle Southwest Steak and Cheese, which is the original plus the addition of the fiery Southwest Chipotle sauce. This is one of my favorite subs, and gets a 9/10 rating from me. It’s also known to help cure your hangover, in case you need a food for that.

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

People love this sub and it’s easy to see why. It tastes delicious. Like other Subway chicken though, it isn’t fully chicken. This chicken has only 42.8% chicken in it, and the rest is soy. Even so, if people knew that, they would still love on this sandwich. There are big chicken chunks, with a sweet onion teriyaki sauce, add lettuce, banana peppers, onion, and a shake or two or oregano and eat up. This ranked Subway sandwich gets a 7/10.

Cold Cut Combo

This sub has ham, salami, and bologna and it reminds us of childhood but maybe not in the best way. It’s just, when else do you go out to a restaurant, any restaurant, and order anything with bologna? The best and coolest thing about this sandwich was its appearance in “Happy Gilmre.” To quote the film while ordering say, “Cold-cut combo from Subway! I eat three every day to keep me strong.” The rating for this, a 4/10 from me.

Black Forest Ham

The story is that per European law, only licensed butchers working in the Black Forest region of Germany can manufacture Black Forest ham. (The same idea of Champagne technically being Champagne when it comes from that region of France.) But here in the US,  “Black Forest ham can still be found in everything from Subway sandwiches to Tyson packages…with nary a thought to a German forest,” according to “Modern Farmer.” 

Rotisserie-style Chicken

This sub out ranks its “oven-roasted” “chicken” cousin. And it’s made of tender, hand-pulled antibiotic-free chicken meaning no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. This ranked Subway sub is the best of the chicken subs and you make it hearty by filling it up with tons of vegetables, some sauces, and  cheese. A high 9/10 rating for this sub.

If I had to pick between my two favorites, steak and cheese, and tuna, I guess I would pick steak and cheese as my all time favorite?


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