Organizing Hacks You Just Have to Try Out

  • Because we all need to be a bit more tidy, well, most of us anyhow. organiz

Whether we like it or not, we all have to be organized to some degree. Organizing hacks like using a hanging shoe rack for anything from shoes to snacks are only one of many you are sure to love.

Outlet Extenders with USB Ports

How many things do you charge in a day? There’s your cell phone, ear pods, iPads, laptops, battery packs and more. This type of outlet extender not only has several, up to six, outlets on it for a bunch of traditionally charged things, but it also has two USB ports. This organizing hack works perfect for people who want to charge all the things at the same time, and even in the same spot.

A Slim, Rolling Storage Cart

These sleek organizers are a perfect way to keep things in a place and also look cute as a decor cart. The slim design makes it a good fit for in between your bed and the wall, your washer and dryer in your laundry area, or next to your sofa to be used for drinks or even a houseplant. The plastic and stainless steel combination is durable and easy to put together, all-in-one.

Lid Holder

You know when you have all the pots and pans, and then all the lids. Where do you put them? Mine are self-admittedly precariously stacked on a shelf in one of my lower cabinets, so this would be a space saver, at the absolute least. These metal lid holders can be placed on the inside of your cabinets, or hung vertically on the walls or horizontally wherever you can fit them.

Toilet Paper Storage Tower

This tower holds your toilet paper and has space for more, too. It’s also tall and square, perfect for powder rooms or in a smaller bathroom. Some towers have doors and shelves for hand towels, spare soaps, and of course, extra toilet paper.

Cable Organizer

Similar to the outlet extender, this is great to organize all the things you are charging. A cable organizer has spots for 5 or so different cables for all of your electrics to charge.

Pan Organizer

Stacking pans is easy enough but this pan organizer works just as well as the lid organizer and this way, you wouldn’t even need more than one hand to grab a pan out. It also frees up space and clutter, can be placed vertically or horizontally and holds up to five pans.

Shoe Rack

The same ones that have been around forever and are still used today are great for shoes. The best organization hack about them though is that they can be used for so much more. You can by one for each closet, including the pantry, as it’s perfect for snacks. You could hang one in the office for supplies, to separate projects or even in the bathroom for jewelry, lotions, or other supplies.

Headrest Car Organizers

These are kinda nerdy but helpful and useful, and you will definitely see them in Ubers, Lyfts and other rideshare services. They are hanging compartments with velcro for things like tissues, lotion, water bottles, and hand sanitizer. Because of the velcro, it’s an extremely quick and easy install.

A Charging, Electronic Holding Organizer

This combines the outlet extenders and the cord holder all in an organizer that also holds your devices. This is perfect for phones, iPads, fitbits and iWatches. You can hold up to five or six devices but there are only USB charge ports and one AC power cord.

Which device do you have or need to have? Who doesn’t love a good organization hack?

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