NC Deputy Arrests 100-Year-Old Woman For Indecent Exposure

  • Only an old white lady would go to jail for fun…


Who doesn’t love birthdays? Whether they go exactly how you want them too, or if they don’t, you can almost always look back on them fondly. Well, Ruth Bryant certainly had a birthday to remember. On her 100th birthday, she got to cross off a major item from her bucket list.

Police ‘Arrested’ A 100-Year-Old Woman

Ruth Bryant, a Roxboro, North Carolina resident, was celebrating her 100th birthday when police arrived at Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Center. Her family and friends had all gathered, and a Person County Deputy approached with handcuffs asking “Are you, Miss Bryant?” Bryant responded saying “Depends on what you want.” The officer said, “Here’s what I want, I want you!”

Bryant In The Big House

The officer told her she was wanted for indecent exposure. Bryant was handcuffed to her walker and brought to the police car. She pretended to put up a fight, playfully kicking the officers.
One deputy said, “Don’t kick me; I’ve got a bad knee!” To which Bryant said, “I’ve got two bad knees!” Bryant spent no more than a few minutes in jail. She then received an orange jumpsuit that read ‘Person County Jail.’ Bryant said “I’m in the jailhouse now! I finally got here!” She then hugged the chief jailer and returned to her assisted living center, where the other residents, family, and friends were waiting to cut the cake.

She Didn’t Even Tell Her DAUGHTER!

Bryant left her daughter, Marian Oakley, left out of the plan. She said that she didn’t know what to make of the events. “I know that she is a hundred-year-old, but I didn’t know that they’d be going this far.”

She was startled by the sirens even before they entered and took her mother, Oakley said.

Next time, she’ll have to let her daughter in on the plan!

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