National Cleaning Week Started Sunday, Did You?

  • Start cleaning that is, will you be participating for a Spring cleaning?

National cleaning week started Sunday, right when it’s starting to really feel like Spring around here. Whether you need to switch out your wardrobe, scrub some neglected spots, or want to know some cleaning fun facts, here you go.

First for the fun facts, because who doesn’t like fun facts to start?

On average, we Americans spend about six hours a week cleaning our houses. A smaller 28% of us clean more than seven hours a week, 26% between three and four hours a week, and a lowly 10% of people clean less than one hour a week.

When it comes to cleaning, we like..

The bathroom the least (52%.) Kitchen cleaning, dusting, and mopping come in the low 20s and doing laundry is the task we dislike least, coming in at 17%.

Those weren’t very fun, fun facts, were they? Interesting though? Next up are the spots some of us just forget about or miss.

Ceiling Fan

Maybe you always get this one, and maybe you don’t, but the cleaner the better when it comes to your ceiling fan. We want the air flow in the warmer weather and when cooking in the kitchen (especially when you have brand new and very sensitive fire alarms installed.) But no matter the season, we never want dust and dirty air flying around our house, in any room. Make sure to clean your ceiling fan with warm, soapy water if you haven’t done it for a while. If you get one of those great, extending dusters and get into the habit of cleaning it weekly, you will have to scrub it again next to never, so that’s a perk.


Believe it or not, your plants get just as dusty and dirty in your house as your shelves or pictures do, and they need to breathe! You can gently clean the leaves off with a dampened paper towel or spritz them with a water bottle and then gently wipe them from there.

Furniture Fabric

They make some great metal cleaners that make cleaning furniture, especially pet and other hair, easier than ever. It’s not really something we think about, cleaning the furniture. But areas we spend the most of our time like the living room and bedroom definitely need a little freshening now and then.


Once it gets nice out again and the windows thaw, and stop getting wet from the change of temperature, it’s the perfect time to clean your windowsills, windows, and the curtains or blinds if you have them. Get in the corners, starting at the top and working your way down. Dry dust with a cloth or extended duster and then wet dust with an all-purpose cleaner. It will smell fresh and the air will be cleaner, (assuming you vacuum after any said dusting.)


It may seem a little excessive but walls, especially in the bathroom or kitchen, get dirtier than we think, quicker than we think. When it comes to the bathroom, there’s a lot of excess water and humidity, making the walls constantly wet and dripping with water. Start from the top and down to the floor, with a rag and some all purpose cleaner, and your space will smell fresher and the walls will look cleaner, too. When it comes to the kitchen, cleaning the walls more often than not is needed due to the grease level. Splatters here and there just happen in the kitchen, but they are easy enough to clean off. And even if you only do it for Spring cleaning, baby steps are always a good start.

Do you need to do these things at your house for some spring cleaning, or are you a clean freak? Our house will be participating in spring cleaning, at least in the way of switching out my winter clothes for my Spring and Summer, tops and bottoms. Yay for the sun!

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