National Cheddar Fries Day is Coming Up

  • As if fries covered in cheese aren’t amazing enough..


April 20th is National fry day, cheddar fries that is. Here are a whole bunch of cheddar fry recipes to try for this fry day.

Cheddar Fries

It’s not like you need to add anything to cheddar cheese fries for them to be amazing, because you really don’t. Make some crispy shoestring fries, or yummy waffle fries for dipping or drizzling. Create a huge pile of your chosen fries and drizzle cheddar cheese sauce all over them. That’s it! Or, if you only want them crispy, fill a bowl with your fries and a little dipping dish with your cheddar cheese. Either way, you are going to be getting some good eats.

Cheddar Chili Fries

Also known as chili cheese fries, is there anything better? These have got to be on the top of my “I would eat anytime” list. Chili cheese fries are the ultimate in cheese fries. Whether it’s homemade or from the can, warm up some chili. For this one you could make it a side dip, but crisping some fries, and then pouring hot, steamy chili and cheese over the top is the ultimate way to eat this dish. If you don’t want pour over cheese, a fresh, shredded cheddar sprinkled over the top is amazing as well. make sure to add sour cream if you love it!

Nacho Taco Fries

Have you ever had taco fries? Nix the shell and throw your taco on a bed of fries. Add taco meat, and all your favorite toppings. A salsa con queso is better on these fries than a cheese sauce or a shredded cheddar, but to each their own. Other than that black beans, sour cream, green onions and maybe a taco sauce, and yum! Get eating.

Cheeseburger Fries

Cheeseburgers go with fries like apple pie goes with America, don’t you think? Whatever kind of burger you want, sans bun and add fries, trust me, you’ll love it. Top your fries with a mushroom and swiss burger, maybe a swiss cheese sauce, a BBQ cheddar burger with bacon, a bacon blue cheese burger with blue cheese dressing, or a hangover burger, the one with tons of cheese and a fried egg on top. Can you imagine fries dipped in yolk?

Sloppy Joe Fries

Sloppy joe over fries is the meal that you have never enjoyed but always will. The tangy, tomatoey sauce combines with hamburger and tastes great on fries. Waffle fries would work amazing as you can use them as a spoon. Shake parmesan is fantastic on sloppy joe but any cheese would be great, even a cheddar cheese sauce.

White Cheddar and Steak Fries

Steak and fries are just like steak and potatoes, but better. Have steak fries and cut your steak into strips. For this dish, make a white cheddar cheese sauce on the side, for dipping. Make sure that you add some black pepper to your cheddar cheese sauce, it brings out the flavor. If this isn’t one of the best ways you’ve ever had ‘steak and potatoes,’ than nothing will do.

Parmesan Dusted Fries

Ok, so these don’t have cheddar cheese sauce, or any cheddar on them. However, they are a must try. Pick your fries, and make them crispy. From there, drizzle a garlic butter over them and shake on some parmesan or add freshly grated, if you like that better. Garlic and parmesan as a combination tastes so good together. Do you love garlic and parmesan as a pair as well?

Which of these fries do you have to try for cheddar fries day? The white cheddar and steak fries sounds delish right about now.


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