More Crazy Body Fun Facts Because Who Doesn’t Love Fun Facts

  • Also, the more you know. Am I right?

Your stomach blushes just like your face and your feet have over half the bones in your body. These are only a few of a bunch more crazy body fun facts. 

Hot Body

Literally, the hottest body out there was 115° degrees hot. This was the highest ever temperature recorded in an individual. This person survived their heat wave, just in case you were wondering. A typical body temperature for us humans is 98.6°. You should never really go above 100.4° and for most, once your body reaches about 107, your organs will begin to fail.

To Grow Taller, Go To Space

We’ve been given the height we have here on Earth, but astronauts could grow about two inches taller while they’re in space. Can I go? Honestly though, if you go to space and stay for about a year, you can gain up to two inches while you’re there. 

Butt’s First

No, but really. When a human embryo is forming, the first organ to be develop is the anus. Seems like something (ITALLICS) would be better to be the very first thing to develop but alas, it’s still number one. Interestingly enough, and strange as well, your mouth is the second thing that develops. This has got to be one of the most crazy body fun facts out there. 

Smaller Brains

That is if you’re pregnant. We all know women go through all the changes when they’re pregnant, and this isn’t any different from their brains. That’s right, women’s brains actually get smaller when they are pregnant. Known as pregnancy brain, the fact is a women’s brain actually gets smaller when she is pregnant. And even after having the baby, it takes a full six month for your brain to return to prepregnancy size. It’s not a full on shrinkage situation and thankfully, the changes begin to reverse almost immediately. 

We’re All Full of Spit

Literally though, and no, that’s not a typo. We can all fill up to four bottles of water. Our salivary glands are triggered by the mere thought of food, which increases saliva production then and there. And on that note, when you’re eating, your glands are working harder than normal, and producing more than ever. 

Kissing for Mouth Health?

Kissing benefits our bodies in so many ways, and as was just mentioned, it also produces saliva. The more saliva we produce, the more we essentially clean out our own mouth. Plaque gets washed away with saliva production which helps if you have cavities. So kiss more for better mouth health, what a great crazy body fun fact.

Bacteria Bodies

Every body is full of good and bad bacteria, if you didn’t know that already. But what you may not know is that our bodies have a full three to five pounds of bacteria on the regular. This is about one to two percent of body mass for most of us and enough to fill an entire soup can.

Kidneys Save Lives

They really do. Did you know that your kidney filters your blood 25 times a day, also known as once an hour. This is about 180 liters of blood processed daily. The filtering of our blood on the daily helps keep our body functioning properly. Most bodies have seven to eight liters of blood in total. 

Closed Eyes

Yes it’s true, and a small percentage, but our eyes are closed for about 10% of the time we’re awake. How? Well, it’s all that blinking we do. Some people blink more than others but 15 to 20 times a minute is pretty typical without noticing it. 

Fat Skin

Ok, well not fat, but maybe heavy? Our skin accounts for about 16% of our body weight. For the average adult, this means about 20 pounds (or more depending) of your weight is actually from skin. It’s a lot of skin though, and if you took it off of a body and laid it out, the skin would cover about 22 square feet. 

Losing Bones

Adults have less bones than babies do. Babies are born with 270 bones in their bodies but many of them end up fusing together over time. By adulthood, we have about 206 different bones. 

Crazy body fun facts are so cool, like who knew we had so much spit in us or that there was a way to actually gain a few inches if we wanted to? Science is lit.

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