Money Clips vs. Wallets: What Are the Benefits?

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Accessories, including wallets, change as time changes. In fact, it is hard to imagine an individual wearing one of the bulky trifold wallets in his/her back pocket. Trends have influenced us to start wearing money clips and minimalist wallets. So, when shopping for a wallet, most people will consider the two. Others opt for the hybrids, such as the Kinzd Money Clip Wallet. Here are the benefits of money clips vs. minimalist wallets.

The Advantages of Money Clips

Perhaps, you are familiar with the good money clips. The market offers many types of money clips. Some are slim and sleek (made for business people) while others are thick and rugged (designed for the design-conscious people). Choosing a money clip wallet and leaving others is a matter of personal preferences. Some people will prefer the thick models that can hold more cash and others the minimalist ones. Here are the benefits of using a money clip.

It Will Fit in Any of Your Pockets

The modern wallets are available in many styles but they will feel bulky when inside your front pocket. On the other hand, a money clip will fit in the pocket without adding any unnecessary weight. No one will notice that you are carrying a money clip in your pocket.

Money Clips are Slim and Sleek

Money clips are slim and sleek. That means, the clip you choose will fit in your pocket and look great each time you pull it out. You will not have the granddaddy aspect anymore.

They Help Reduce Clutter

The minimalism of money clips is among the things you will fall in love with. Due to the minimalism, you will not have enough room for unnecessary items. That means you will leave the cards you do not need and receipts at home or inside your office. A money clip will only hold the bills and a few business and credit cards.

They are Easier to Access

When it comes to cash and quick access, money clips are the best option. You just need to take the money clip out of your pocket, pull out a few bills and hand them over. In other words, you will never feel embarrassed when waiting in long queues.

They are Customizable

Most manufacturers use metal to make money clips – you will still find some made of resin and carbon fiber. However, all money clips are customizable. They allow engraving of initials and printing of phrases or images. Pick a beautiful color so that you can turn heads when using the money clip in crowds.

The Advantages of Wallets

Wallets have been around for many years. They went from tiny accessories to big ones and then went to small again. Today, wallet producers are focusing on minimalism but you are likely to find several types of big wallets in the market. And even though wallets are old-school, they are not going anywhere soon. That is because they offer many benefits. Here are some of them.

They Hold Many Items

Unlike money clips, a wallet will hold all your essentials. Minimalist wallets come with more than two pockets and several card slots. You can use a wallet to carry your access permit, cards, coins, cash and IDs. Money clips will rarely provide pockets.

They Look Professional

Money clips might be suitable on Friday nights, but during the work hours, they will make you look unprofessional. In fact, they will tell people that you trying to draw attention. After all, no one would want to display his money in crowds. Hold your money in a slim leather wallet if you do not want to draw unnecessary attention.

They are Minimalist

Your wallet should not be bulky. The market offers many minimalist wallets for both men and women. Whether you need a front pocket wallet or a metal wallet, you will find something minimalistic. The market offers many wallets that will not make your pockets look bulky.

They Are Available in Many Styles

Wallets come in many styles. The market offers trifold wallets, bifold wallets, slim wallets, chain wallets, neck wallets and the list goes on. Adventurers find passport and travel wallets a better alternative to the other types. Regardless of your lifestyle, you will always find a wallet to match your needs.

The Producers Use Various Materials to Make Them

Wallet producers offer you the chance to select various wallet materials. If you need a lightweight wallet that is also durable and ideal for adventurers, the canvas is the best choice. Leather wallets match with most outfits. Other materials include faux leather, carbon fiber and metal.

The Verdict

Hybrids between wallets and money clips are a perfect choice. a slim wallet featuring a magnetic clip will hold over 20 properly folded bills and offer enough room for your cards. Some money clips will provide an ID slot and other bigger pockets for unfolded bills. By combining a money clip and wallet you will look professional.

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