Meth Lab Run Out of Hotel Room

  • The hotel had to be evacuated.
Tyler Newport, 35, of Lancaster and Jessica Laurie, 33, of Leola face multiple charges for producing methamphetamine of out a hotel room. The two are charged with felony counts of operating a meth lab, risking a catastrophe and manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

They are also facing charges of recklessly endangering another person, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, and possession/use of drug paraphernalia.

The duo is accused of running the meth lab from the second floor of an Econo Lodge. Both Newport and Laurie had bench warrants for DUI and investigators found out they were staying at the hotel. 

When officers discovered the meth lab Saturday, the immediately evacuated the hotel which took about two hours. Upon entering, police found drain cleaner, denatured alcohol, camp fuel, cold packs, and several bottles containing a clear liquid. 

The bottles were connected with thin, plastic tubes. There were also plastic baggies with a white, crystal-like substance the thought was meth, according to criminal complaints filed against both suspects.

Along with hypodermic needles, there was also a small amount of marijuana found. They found a fire extinguisher and two Wawa cups also filled with clear liquid in the bathroom. 

According to the arresting officer, his training and experience led him to believe it was meth that was being made out of the hotel room. The hotel was evacuated as a precaution because producing meth can be volatile and have an explosive threat. 

A State Police team was called to the scene to dismantle the lab. Bail has been set at $250,000 for each suspected. Preliminary hearings were set for 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 27, in front of District Judge Denise Commins in East Lampeter Township.


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