Men With Machetes Get Address Wrong For Sex Party

  • A judge found the men not guilty of intent to intimidate with the machetes, from an incident back in 2019.

In Australia, a judge acquitted Terrence Leroy of a case of mistaken identity from back in 2019. Leroy and a coworker were trying to make a client’s sexual fantasies come true. To do that, they snuck into his apartment carrying machetes, with the incentive of making five thousand dollars if the evening was, “really good.” The men arranged the plan and their pay with the client over Facebook. However, the client forgot to mention he’d recently moved to a new apartment. 

Image by MichaelRaab from Pixabay

A simple misunderstanding

On July 14th, Leroy and the other man picked up their machetes, headed to the address, and entered the apartment. The resident, already awake to use the bathroom, saw the light in the kitchen. He believed that it was a friend of his, who came to make coffee every morning. According to Perth Now, the man called out, “Bugger off; It’s too early.” 


Leroy and his accomplice thought something sounded amiss and called out the name of the client. The resident then realized that it wasn’t his friend and removed his sleep apnea mask. That’s when he saw the two men standing next to his bed, holding machetes. 


The judge who ruled in the case said, “The fantasy was unscripted, and there was discretion as to how it would be carried out.” 


Once Leroy saw the man’s face, everyone realized the case of mistaken identity. He shook the man’s hand, said, “Sorry, mate,” and both men left the apartment to head to the new address. The weapons didn’t go over so great with the client either. When he saw the “great big knife,” he asked them to leave the machetes in the car. 

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Alls well that ends well

So what was the unscripted sexual fantasy that Leroy thought required machetes? “It was a commercial agreement to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom,” according to Leroy’s lawyer. Then the three had coffee, the client made bacon and eggs, and Leroy fell asleep on the couch. If you ignore the part where they broke into a stranger’s house and stood over him with machetes while he slept, it’s a pretty wholesome story. 


The judge just acquitted the men, finding Leroy not guilty of intending to intimidate while armed with an offensive weapon. It sounds like all he was guilty of was intent to stroke a naked man with a broom. 

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