Korean Woman Reunited With Her Deceased Daughter Through VR

  • Highlights the importance of pictures, video, and audio of loved ones past…

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


What would you do for a chance to see your deceased loved ones again? Well, with the line between the virtual and real world becoming thinner, you just might be able too! For example, this Korean mother lost her 7-year-old, and got to see her again through Virtual Reality.

Jang Ji-Sing

Jang Ji-Sing recently lost her 7-year-old daughter, Nayeon, due to an incurable decease. She (Nayeon) had three sisters. After hearing about the tragedy, a VR company said that they could ‘recreate’ Nayeon if they had some photos, videos, and audio recordings of her that perfectly emulate her appearance, movements, and voice. Jang accepted, saying that she not only wanted the chance to see her baby again, but to bring comfort to anyone who has lost their child or loved ones. The story aired on TV in a documentary called ‘I Met You,’ which aired on February 6th.

The Big Moment

While wearing the VR Goggles, Mrs. Ji-Sing was surround by a photo-realistic park from sim of the photos of Nayeon. After Mrs. Ji-Sing arrived, Nayeon ran to greet her. “I missed you!” Nayeon said. Her mother replied, saying: “I missed you too!” “Where have you been, Mommy? Did you think about me?” “I do. All the time.” Soon Nayeon lead her mother to a table where they celebrated what would’ve been her tenth birthday. Nayeon said her wish was for her mother to be happy.

The End

“Three years later, I now think I should love her more than miss her and feel sick so that I can be confident when I meet her later. I hope many people will remember Nayeon after watching the show,” Mrs. Ji-Sing said. You can see the video on YouTube, though it is in Korean.

While not very common now, Virtual Realities could become a way for many more to reunite with their deceased in the future. After all, ‘no one is ever really gone…’

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