January Is National Tea Month And These Are All The Teas You Should Try

  • Because it's chilly and tea is warm. Usually.

January is National Hot Tea month. Did you know that? Here are a bunch of delicious and warm teas to try and enjoy during this cold, snowy season.

Black Tea with Honey

This is an oldie but a goodie, and the way my Gram always made it. A nice fresh pot of hot black tea, and a cute little teacup, plate and spoon, because you know, grandmas. All you have to do is add honey to taste, and it’s truly satisfying. I don’t remember her adding lemon, but that would be a great addition as well.

Iced Passion Tea

The thing about “iced tea,” is that for most of them, you have to brew them hot to start. That means making a new batch of tea, not only can you savor a warm cup of passion tea, but you can enjoy the rest of the tea you brewed, cold, for the next few days. For passion tea, I love to add a little of this strawberry energy powder to it. Weird combination? Maybe. This girl needs all the caffeine she can get these days! 

Citrus Tea

I know, I know, it’s cold outside and this is now the second time I’m talking about “cold” tea, but if you love tea, and you haven’t tried it, you should. Lipton Citrus Tea is light, crisp and fruity, and it’s the most refreshing tea I have ever had. You should really try it, yum.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is refreshing in a different type of way. It tastes minty, but is hot and warms you up. Mint is good for digestion, nausea, headaches, and can help improve energy. Not to mention it’s known to help clear your sinuses, help menstrual cramps and even improve your sleep. Add berries or a powdered berry mixture, yum what a flavor! Or, add chocolate. Warm chocolate and mint tea, how great does that sound?

Green Tea

Not only is this tea great for a boost of energy but we are all aware of the weight loss benefits as well. Be careful with green tea on an empty stomach, it may cause a little nausea. But add in some honey, and lemon, and you are good to go. There are lots of delicious green teas already mixed with other teas and flavors to try as well. What’s your favorite type of green tea to enjoy?

White Tea

White teas have less caffeine, and are therefore a little easier on your stomach. They are light and delicious too, often mixed with summery flavors like peach and raspberry. Like all teas, it’s high in antioxidants. White tea can help protect your teeth from bacteria, has compounds that may fight cancer, and can help combat skin aging as well.  

Matcha Tea

A tea that’s an acquired taste, for most people but also loved by many. Hot, people enjoy it with steamed milk and sweeteners like honey. Cold, it’s often enjoyed with different kinds of milk such as macadamia milk or strawberry almond milk. It’s creamy and earthy and full of benefits itself. Not only is it known for its skin improving qualities due to its antioxidant properties but it’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals. 

Boba Tea

This new age tea has actually been around since the 80s, but has re-emerged. (Think the pressure cookers turned “Insta Pot” phenomenon.) The balls are made out of tapioca pearls, and then shaken together with black tea, milk and ice. It’s served with a famously large straw, so that you can enjoy both the tea and the boba balls simultaneously. There are several variations to this drink as well including popping boba, or tapioca balls that pop in your mouth and add a burst of flavor, taro balls made of taro root, and also jelly cubes, adding either a sweet or herbal flavor. 

Blueberry Tea

And to end with a hot tea, because apparently I love all the cold teas, too. (Sorry, there are just so many amazing chilled teas!) Let’s love on blueberry tea. I had the most fantastic and amazing blueberry tea the last time I was in south Florida, about a year ago this time. It was phenomenal, very fruity and the nose, I couldn’t even explain it, so distinctive. All I did was add a little honey, but sugar would be very tasty as well.

What tea do you just have to try this month for National Tea Month? I only wish I could get my hands on some more of that blueberry tea, and even without liking matcha, (like, at all,) I would try it with a sweet, fruity type milk. Happy National Tea Month!

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