Human Faced Goat Worshiped In India

  • They keep finding animals to worship and they're gonna run out of things they're allowed to eat…

Photo by L ley on Unsplash


Oddee has brought you articles in India. Like ‘Indian Woman Cats Car In Crap To Keep It Cool,’ which explains how cows are worshiped in India. As it turns out, cows aren’t the only animal worshiped there.

The Godly Goat

A goat with a human-like face was recently born in India. Images and videos have gone viral of the poor mutated animal. Initially, the goat perplexed villagers of Nimodia, India, but it is now believed that it should be ‘worshiped as an avatar of God.’ Villagers in Nimodia said that the goat facial structure looks like a ‘grumpy old man.’ The owner of the goat, Mukeshji Prajapap, first unveiled his flat-faced goat on a film showing it wagging its tail and stumbling around.

Scientific Reason For The Goat To Look Like This

The goat likely suffers from a congenital defect known as ‘Cyclopia.’ According to The National Institute of Health, Cyclopia, which occurs in humans as well as animals, is a ‘very rare syndrome of severing facial dysmorphism.’ Cyclopia causes genes to defect, creating facial symmetry fail.

Other Strange Sightings

People seem to love unusual animal sightings. And this isn’t the first time a mutated goat was born in India. In 2017 a one-eyed black goat hit the news cycle. During that same year, a goat was born with a ‘demonic face’ in San Luis, Argentina. It had protruding eyes and a flat face. It was stillborn.

Goatly Gods/Demons

Goat imagery is often used in relation to demonic depictions, in real life and in entertainment. Netflix’s hit show Sabrina The Teenage Witch features Satan in his half-goat glory. There is also a Sabbatic Goat God named Baphomet. Baphomet is a deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping, and that was subsequently incorporated in occult and mystical traditions, according to Wikipedia.

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