Hong Kong Thieves Steal 600 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

  • Hey, having good toilet paper on hand is important – even in an epidemic!

Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash


With the coronavirus spreading there is a panic of lack of supplies. Two masked thieves, for instance, stole over a hundred dollars of toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Thieves?

A group of three masked men approached a delivery man around 6 a.m. outside Wellcome Supermarket in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong. One of them was holding a knife. They stole more than six-hundred rolls of toilet paper, which is worth about one-hundred-thirty US dollars. Police arrested two of the men. The also recovered the toilet paper. Police are still looking for the third person. The area of Hong Kong that the robbery took place is known for its history of ‘triad crime gangs,’ according to BBC .

Fifty-Eight Confirmed Cases Coronavirus In Hong Kong

Authorities have tried to quiet fears over lack of supplies in the city, and have urged residents to NOT buy supplies (like toilet paper) in bulk. The supermarket where the robbery occurred denounced what they called ‘the senseless toilet paper heist,’ assuring residents that temporary shortages were caused by people overbuying. “We want to emphasize that we have sufficient toilet roll supply to meet demand. The temporary shortage was caused by the sudden and unusual surge in demand.”

Unfortunately, there have been one hundred and five deaths reported on the 17th alone. Doesn’t look like Hindu Mahasabha’s president’s remedy worked. Swami Chakrapani Maharaj (president of Hindu Mahasabha) said that a cure for the coronavirus was cow dung. You can the whole story here on Oddee. Maybe the porn will take folk’s minds off the problem? – A porn company offered quarantined passengers free WebCam sessions, to battle boredom while their there. – You can see this story on Oddee as well.

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