Google Medical Brain Wants To Help Your Doctor Decide Your Survival Rate

  • "OK, Google. What's the chance this operation will kill me?"

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

Imagine your in the hospital, for you or a loved one, and the doctor tells you: “There could be a ninety-four percent chance you (or your loved one) could die.” How would you feel when you realized a robot decided that for them? That what we’re close to…

How many more steps?

A Google-based AI has a 94% correction rate, on when patients will die in the hospital.

Ever wanted to know whether or not your gonna die in the hospital? It’s not for everyone, but doctors are finding it very handy. It could improve quality of care to have the ability to let patients the chance of risk for a surgery. Or allow loved ones to know if they should get in contact with their families. Google’s Medical Brain, an artificial intelligence using medical information to find out whether you’ll die or not, has been placed at two separate successful hospitals, where it has a 93 and 95 percent accuracy rate.

The artificial intelligence looks through every teeny weeny detail in the medical record of the patient to determine if the patient will live. Scientists are still performing tests, so we’re not putting our lives into the robots “hands” just yet. One scientist working on the predictions said: “This was significantly more accurate than the traditional predictive model. These models outperformed traditional, clinically-used predictive models in all cases. We believe that this approach can be used to create accurate and scalable predictions for a variety of clinical scenarios.”

While this technology could do some real good, many critics have been concerned about privacy regards. As an example, in 2013, Google released DeepMind AI, based in London. NHS granted DeepMind AI one million six hundred medical records  because of its effectiveness.

Now that you know all this information, do you think we’re close to being ruled by robots? We could be getting dangerously close…

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