Crazy Easy Ways to Eat Summer Food “Healthily”: Part One

It’s summer and we all want to eat the grilled food, yummy snacks, and light, sweet treats. You have to be careful not to pack on the summer pounds, and these tricks and tips are crazy easy ways to eat summer food 

Choose Lean Meats

Personally, there is nothing better than BBQ chicken and corn on the grill for a summer meal, and really, it’s healthy, too. Meats like chicken breast, pork, or even fish are going to bring the total fat content down and therefore, are a healthier option this season. Other delicious grill staples like scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab, or turkey would be great options, too.

Try Something Meatless

And no, this doesn’t mean that you have to start eating tofu, though you could. But these days, there are “substitutes” for everything. And no, a strip of zucchini is not the same as a piece of spaghetti, but sometimes, you love a dish just as much! For instance, mushrooms have a very meaty structure and taste, and could easily be a stand in for meat. You can heat bell peppers in the same fashion on the grill, and you should. They are delicious! You could also do black bean, tofu, or veggie burgers as a stand in to your traditional meat-based options.

Vegetables> Chips

We know, chips are delicious, salty, and truly addicting, so all the better reason to stay away from them. Vegetables and dip are a staple in my household, no matter what the season is and they really do hit the spot. The trick is to have them cut up and ready to snack on, right out of the fridge. Healthy snacks taste better when they are prepped and ready to eat. Use lots of dips, too, and even some salad dressings or seasonings can make raw vegetables irresistible. 

Bring the Vegetables

Even if you aren’t hosting, you are still responsible for your vegetable intake for the day, so make it crazy easy to eat up your greens (and the rest of the rainbow) by offering to bring vegetables as your side.

No-Mayo Slaw

Most traditional coleslaw lovers will tell you that they have tried the other kinds, and oftentimes, liked them. Whether it’s a vinegar-based slaw or a chinese-y take, mayo-free coleslaw has many faces these days. You could combine some tougher fruits like apples and pair them with celery and cabbage to create a light and fresh almost fruit slaw. Add a splash of orange juice and even some poppy seeds. How crazy easy is that?

These first five crazy easy ways to be healthier at your summer parties are legit but so are the next five.  So watch out for part two, and enjoy these tips from part one.

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