Best Holiday Desserts to Make Before New Year’s

One of the best parts of reaching the end of the year is rewarding yourself. Maybe it’s a new gaming console, a bigger TV, or it’s just allowing yourself more – and better – desserts than you do the rest of the year. And they seem to be everywhere. At work, at home, even at the mechanics–everyone has Christmas cookies, dessert bars, chocolates, and more. It feels as though everyone is congratulating each other on making it through another year and acknowledging the thing that makes it all worthwhile; more desserts.

The Best Holiday Desserts

Photo by Evelin Horvath on Unsplash

Traditional Gingerbread Cookies

If you’ve only ever had store-bought gingerbread cookies, you haven’t really lived. This year, treat yourself to a better gingerbread. You might as well go all-in and get candies and frosting for decorating.

Millionaire’s Shortbread

You probably didn’t become a millionaire this year (but, hey, congrats if you did). But you can still feel like a million bucks with these shortbread bars. They’re three layers of cookie, caramel, and dark chocolate. Make a batch and split them with your neighbor.

Chai Tree and Snowflake Cookies

Elegant Christmas cookies with a little chai spice are the perfect boujee response to people who think they’re too good for traditional sugar cookies. They also don’t require particularly skilled frosting maneuvers to look good.

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

Yule Log Cake

I’ve tried to make a yule log cake once, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you either don’t care how the results look or have incredible baking skills, then give it a shot. Otherwise, it’ll end in tragedy. Don’t underestimate how much the cranberry and powdered sugar can add to the finished product.

Gingerbread Cheesecake with Pecan Graham Crust

Want to be hit in the mouth with holiday flavors and decadence? Here’s the ticket; creamy gingerbread cheesecake with a crunchy, nutty crust. It’s ostensibly suitable for a group of people, but I say make yourself one to pair with a Hallmark holiday movie binge.

Cupcake Wreath

This dessert looks fantastic and probably tastes the same, but you have to consider if you want to eat that much green frosting. Personally, no. I understand that all frosting is essentially the same, with different food coloring, but that much green is a no-go.

Photo by Christine Isakjanova on Unsplash

Pecan Slab Pie

While I don’t think more needs to be said, I will in case you missed the full glory of the recipe name. It’s a pecan pie that can’t be held back by the confines of a pie plate. It’s a whole slab. Of pecan pie.

Christmas Fudge

I feel like the jimmies-in-fudge is probably a source of division across the country. But you could get pretty cute with the topping for this traditional fudge recipe. Also, fudge is a perfect “grazing dessert” that lets you take small pieces throughout the day, virtually unnoticed.

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