Belgium Restaurant Serves Recycled Toilet Water – And It’s Supposedly Pretty Good Stuff

  • Maybe those old Orbit"potty mouth" commercials needs to make a comeback…


What if someone told you your waiter at your favorite restaurant sells you toilet water? What if they called it “recycled toilet water”? You can see how it might still be gross to some. Well, needless to say, Gust’eaux is certainly not for the faint of heart, as that is exactly what they do…

You’ll Never Trust Free Water Again

Gust’eaux in Kuurne, Belgium has started serving completely clear, tasteless, smell-less water. Now that doesn’t sound bad, except they had a five-step purification system, so you couldn’t tell it was from a toilet. The restaurant isn’t connected to the city sewage so they wanted a close-circuit solution to solve its sewage problem.

Is This Very Safe?

When costumers are hunting, or the cook is emptying their sink, the water is no longer directed to the sewers. This is when the cook begins her purification process. The toilet and sink were initially ‘cleaned’ with plant fertilizer, and then a part of it is mixed with rain and flushed toilets. The rest is passed through a series of purification processes that make it almost indistinguishable from the local tap water. “The water that results is too pure to be drinkable, so we add minerals to make it healthier,” Gust’eaux representatives told VRT News.

But Is It Just The Free Water?

The restaurant offers the water to costumers in many forms, and it’s free! You can have it by its self, as ice cubes and even in coffee. It’s also occasionally used for brewing beer. According to Sudinfo, the same water system is used to provide water in isolated communities, but the experience is unheard of in Europe, so this is new for them. Their process was approved by Vlakwa, the Flemish center for knowledge on water, and was proven that it was healthier than most tap water.

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