Baking Hacks to Get You Using Your Oven

Try these baking hacks the next time you want to throw something in the oven. You’ll be happy you knew all these tips and tricks.

Non-Food Coloring, Food Coloring

What? Well, there are some products that you can use to color your food, that isn’t food coloring. One of these products is Jello. That’s right. If you need to color your frosting and you don’t have coloring, just use some Jello! (Google a recipe for the details.)


Weather it’s toast or cookies, sometimes you really just want to get the burnt parts gone. This is where your cheese grater comes in. Gently scrape your burnt food off against the grater, then enjoy. 

Baking Substitutes

Did you know that if you only have baking soda, and you need baking powder, (or vice versa,) that there is a substitute ratio so that you could use either in your recipe? Because you can. Here are a bunch of other helpful baking substitutes. 

  • Rolled oats = bread crumbs
  • Baking cocoa + shortening = chocolate
  • 1 cup milk + 1 tsp vinegar = buttermilk
  • Cayenne pepper + dried thyme + dried basil + minced garlic = Cajun seasoning
  • Cream of tartar + baking soda = baking powder
  • Unsweetened chocolate + sugar = semi-sweet chocolate bar
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter + 1 cup whole milk = half and half cream

Bread for Cake?

It’s true, if you “add” bread to cake, it will help the cake stay moist and delicious. Don’t add the bread to the recipe though. Once your cake is done, cooled, and possibly even cut into already, it’s time for the bread. All you have to do is add a slice to the container you’re keeping the cake in and then close it up tight for a nice, moist piece of cake every time. 

And Another Note About Cake

This is how you should cut a cake, no matter what you were taught or how long you’ve been doing it, this is how it should be done. Instead of traditionally cutting the cake, try cutting a piece through the middle and then push the rest of the cake together to keep it moist and fresh longer. Between this and the bread baking hacks, there is legit no reason your cake shouldn’t be absolutely scrumptious, each piece. 

Cookie Baking Hacks

Because we all like our cookies a little different, right? A crunchy cookie may be your favorite while your best friend likes their cookies soft and gooey. The best part is with this cookie baking hack, you can make them anyway you want, or tailor it to someone else’s preferences as well.

Soften Your Butter for Baking

There are several ways to get room temperature butter when you need it, even if you forgot to take it out of the fridge in time. This way involves a glass, a plate, and the butter. Take a glass and fill it with hot water, just enough to warm the glass through. Dump the water out and “igloo the butter with the glass so that it can get to softening. 

Actual Cake, Made out of Ice Cream

So we have all heard of ice cream cake, but we have not all heard of cake made out of ice cream, and that’s what this is. All you need is softening ice cream and flour. Just pour the mixture together into a bundt pan and bake until the toothpick comes out clean. This has got to be one of the easiest and best baking hacks there is. 

And For the Eggs That Are Still Fridge-Cooled

There is one of the best baking hacks for this cold food, too, and it will get you off and baking in no time. The thing is, some recipes call for room temperature eggs. There is a way to speed up the heating

process, as it were, and you just need a bowl and some warm water. Simply take your bowl and fill it up with warm water. Next place the eggs into the warm water bowl and let them sit for a few minutes. Take them out and they will be ready to use!

Powdered Sugar Substitute

Did you know that you could make powdered sugar at home, as long as you have cornstarch, and regular white sugar on hand? This has got to be one of the greatest baking hacks. All you need is one cup of white sugar and one tablespoon of cornstarch to a blender or food processor. Mix it until the consistency looks right and you’ve got powdered sugar. 

These are some of the best baking hacks around. Which one do you think you’ll try out first?


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