All The Salt Fun Facts You Need to Know

Salt is a wonder mineral, truly. It does it all. Want to whiten your whites, season your food, ward off the devil? All you need is salt, and all these fun facts about salt.

  • No other rocks taste like salt. And if they do, it’s said that it’s from people’s hands, as in they are holding the rocks and the salt taste is coming from sweat on our hands, and not the minerals themselves. 
  • Salt makes up a little of everything, including the human body, the earth, even fresh water, though it’s less than 1000 PPM, it’s still there. 
  • Salt could be the energy of the future. Especially in the places where salt and fresh water mingle, it could become a massive source of renewable power. 
  • Salt can be called halite, also known as table salt or rock salt by us civilians. If you as a scientist, they’ll call it Sodium Chloride.
  • There are 14,000 uses for the mineral we know and love called salt. Yes, 14,000. Now if that isn’t one of the best salt fun facts, I don’t know what is. 
  • Some people would call salt the 5th element, saying that it’s as essential as earth, air, fire, and water.
  • Cubes of salt then form salt crystals, like we see in nature.
  • Salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts moisture and water.
  • When salt is mixed with water, it breaks into its positive and negative ions
  • Salt is an absolutely amazing preservative. In the old days, ha, settlements were near salt in the to help preserve food.
  • Salt is naturally recyclable, we will never run out. 
  • The salt on your eggs or the winter ground could be millions of years old. This has got to be one of the best salt fun facts, too!
  • Salt is mixed into the ocean water and covers the earth. Salt is everywhere.
  • Seawater is about 3.5% salt. There is about a ¼ pound of salt per gallon of seawater and 50 quadrillion tons of salt in all the earth’s oceans.
  • How do we get it out? Harvesting sea salt requires a lot of patience, and the right location.
  • Great Inagua Island is the southern island in the Bahama chain is the best source for salt in the world.
  • If you don’t want grass to grow between your rocks or bricks, sprinkle salt in the cracks. 
  • Salt can be collected right from the surface of salt flats.
  • Jesus says you are the salt of the earth. Well, he does. 
  • If you rub salt on your pancake griddle, your pancakes won’t stick. 
  • Salt from the ocean comes from openings in the sea floor and runoff from the land. 
  • If all the salt from the oceans was spread over the surface of the land on earth, it would have an over 500 feet thick layer of salt on it. Okay, this is officially the coolest of all the salt fun facts. 
  • The salt we eat is less than 15% of salt produced worldwide.
  • Why do we eat salt at all? Salt is an essential nutrient for us. 
  • We use a lot of salt to keep ice off the roads, in fact, 17% of all the salt we use is to keep roads ice-free.
  • There is .15% salt by mass in body of a person weighing 110 pounds. That’s 7 tablespoons of salt in your body.
  • Salt is the only family of rocks eaten by people.
  • All our fluids are salty because water and salt are attracted to each other.
  • Too much salt in your body and blood attracts more water than it’s supposed to.
  • Typically, a person consumes over 3,300 milligrams of salt a day.
  • Salt mined from underground is called solution mining.
  • Hollywood needs salt to safeguard rolls of film.
  • To make ants go away sprinkle some salt in your pantry. 
  • You need at least 200 milligrams of salt a day to be healthy. 

I would love to see salt flats in real life, and love all of these salt fun facts. Which one is your favorite?

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