After A Wild Time On The App, ‘Tinder Granny’ Decides To Settles Down

  • As long as no one is being taken advantage of… go for it, Granny. Whatever makes you happy!

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Who doesn’t want that happily ever after? Well, this ‘Tinder Granny’ shares her story, of why she is quitting dating apps.


Hattie (‘Tinder Granny’) Wiener is eighty-three and no longer on the ‘prowl’ for one-night stands. The grandmother of three was famously nicknamed ‘Tinder Granny’ for her ravenous appetite for younger men and love of swiping right to prospective suitors. She was the subject of reality TV shows ‘Extreme Love’ and ‘Extreme Cougar Wives.’

She Was A Hands-On Wife Before She Was A Bachelorette

Hatti told Fox News that she didn’t consider her self extreme. “However, I do value love and I align love and sex. They’ve been together very happily for a long time. “I was married for 25 years. And that was love and sex combined. Then, I thought I’d get married and do the whole thing all over again, but it didn’t happen. And so, I realized I missed making love… so I put an ad in the paper.”

“Of course in those days, we didn’t have the internet… I was 55. I would tell the men ‘Listen, I’m going to see you. Within a moment, I’m going to know if I want to go to bed with you.’ … I’m much more discerning. If I’m not turned on immediately, I’m not going to go to bed with them. But if I am, I’ll say, ‘Let’s go up to my apartment.’ I always have clean sheets, nice lighting, and good perfume.”

Hatti Admitted That It Took Some Time To Get Acquainted With Modern Dating – After Being Married For Twenty-Five Years

“Men will say what they think you want to hear. A man won’t say, ‘This is a one night stand,’ or ‘I’m going to ball and then I’m leaving and I’ll never see you again.’ But I realized that that is what happens. If it does, then I have learned not to agonize over it. I call that giving yourself a hepatectomy, meaning you separate those feelings of ‘I’m in love,’ or ‘This is so glorious.’ You separate that from below the belt. And then you date like a man. That’s what I finally learned, so I don’t agonize like the woman I used to be, who was yearning.”

The Beginning

Hatti said that she first downloaded Tinder in an attempt to find a long-term lover, and requirements for the sultry senior were specific: No one over fifty and no one under thirty to thirty-five. When asked how many conquests she has had, Hatti replied with “I don’t carry a calculator.” Although her age preferences, Hatti has hooked up with someone as young as eighteen.

They Are Not Thinking, She Says

“They’re not thinking they’re going to marry me and have children and send the children to Hebrew school, all the shots for the kids and the babies and the diapers. They’re not thinking of life. I had that life for twenty-five years. There are guys in their twenties who want the experience of an older woman. It’s like a prize. They’re right.”

Hatties Family Supports This Entirely

“Most women past menopause, they don’t exactly recall their younger years in which their hormones were raging. And so they think it’s a thing of the past. I don’t really try to make older women get sexual again. If they’re not, they’re not. I’m not competing with them. But younger women want to look at an older woman and say “I want to be like her. I want that.’ Whereas in my day, nobody thought that you were going to be old and have sex. You just said, ‘I’m going to have a family and then I’m going to have a profession.’ You’re not thinking sexually. You’re not seeing it everywhere. Because I’m really out there and desirable, then it’s putting out a message – love who you love. Don’t be critical. Don’t be judgmental. Allow people to love each other with dignity and integrity. That’s all. It’s balancing. There’s more of us and more of them.”

Why Is She No Longer On Tinder?

The simple answer is because she is looking for a long-time partner to settle down with.

“I’m publicizing the fact that I am going to hold out for what I really want, which is one lifemate. And I felt that if I just keep saying yes to young guys and spend the rest of my life a walking yes, that’s what I’m going to get. I am praying — I can say that it’s important to me — for the person who I can cherish, adore, love, and they feel the same about me,” she said. “Now, if God, the universe, grants me that, I will be beautifully grateful and blessed. And if not, maybe I’ll have to think of the afterlife.”

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