9 Impressive YouTube Personalities

YouTube personalities don’t get enough credit for the intriguing content they come up with for the most simple topics. Sure, you can watch regular TV shows about food, fashion, health, and news. You’ll get your information. But you won’t get that extra spice these YouTube personalities add into their segments. Their off-the-wall ideas make for a fascinating learning experience.

1You Suck at Cooking

Based on the title, you may, at once, conclude the channel is vulgar. But if you take a couple minutes to check out his introductory video, you will be hungry, laughing, and thinking, “What did I just watch?” by the end. The host takes a whole new spin on dry humor in his unusual cooking segments. You won’t know what hit you.

2Our Third Life

A classic video Pupinia Stewart has done is called “LEARN TO SPEAK AMERICAN!” Don’t let that fool you into thinking she is some nut who has yet to crawl out from under a rock. Entirely the opposite. She is a well-read satire expert. An A1 troll, she provokes people’s most vulnerable politically correct sides by pretending to be the dumbest of humans around.

3The Manitowoc Minute

With the tragic news we are consuming every day now, it seems fitting to add in some real-life comic relief. Charlie Berens is coming to our rescue with his yooper accent and lighthearted Midwestern puns to make us laugh at typically dull news. Keeping it real and fact-based, he pulls us in with his on-point impersonation of a stereotypical Wisconsinite. Yep, you betcha.

4Morgan Hanbery

If you have ever watched makeup tutorials on YouTube, you may remember the awkward monotone personalities you’ve run into: “Hi guys, today I’m going to show you how to contour your face using my new blah, blah, blah…” Some great step-by-step ideas, yes. But entertaining? Not so much. If you are looking for a healthy mixture of both fabulous tutorials and comedy, check out Morgan Hanbery’s channel. Uncensored and organic, she might as well be your best friend FaceTiming you a how-to on makeup.

5Rooster Teeth

Meet Michael Jones and Gavin Free, the stars of the show. Side-by-side they create gaming videos where they play and review all sorts of games requested by their audience. Michael acts as the short-fused, bossy one, while Gavin is querky and innocent. From extraordinarily difficult games like QWOP and popular ones like Minecraft, they combine these acts into one ultimate rage-quit.

6Maui Boy the Traveling Cat

What’s more exciting than taking an extensive trip through the Philippines? Taking that same trip with a cat! Maui Boy is a rescue cat who is enjoying every waking minute on these astonishing islands. This channel not only displays a stunning journey accompanied by a beloved pet, but shows us the best traveling tips when bringing along a normally in-home animal.


Haven’t seen enough “bro” comedy, lately? Well you’ll get your fill and more by watching some BroScienceLife by Dom Mazzetti. This is, yet, another satire channel which displays the stereotypical body builder. He may seem like a cretin at first glance, but remind yourself that he means the exact opposite. As in, don’t actually insult your girlfriend’s figure, don’t actually strut your stuff — too much, and don’t actually think you’re all that just because you can bench press 200 pounds. Because seriously, do you even lift?

8Antonella the Uncensored Reviewer

Blunt is what we should all be looking for in a product review. The people who are paid to tell you what you want to hear are doing just that: Telling you what you want to hear; not what you need to hear. Avoid wasting hard-earned money on wack products by watching this hilarious woman give her blatantly honest two cents about popular products on the market.

9Miss Mina: MUKBANG

Don’t worry, “mukbang” isn’t a dirty word. It refers to hosting a video segment where a person eats large quantities of food while interacting with their live audience. A tip from personal experience: Do not watch this if your stomach is empty. You will want to order exactly what she is having, and odds are you can’t finish the amounts she somehow fits in her teeny tummy. But do watch this if you would like to learn more about international foods you are curious to try, because Mina Oh doesn’t merely eat these delicacies. She teaches you how you are supposed to eat them.

YouTubers are able to continue posting content because their subscribers keep them afloat. Lend them a hand, and click their red button. Which YouTube channel will you choose?

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