9 Amazing Themed Airbnb Rentals

1Van Gogh's Bedroom (Chicago)

Art lovers have the chance to spend one “starry night” in Vincent Van Gogh’s bedroom. The Art Institute of Chicago decorated a one-bedroom apartment to look like Van Gogh’s painting, “The Bedroom” (1889). The room, in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, is listed on Airbnb for only $10 a night as if the artist himself were renting it. Renters will also get tickets to the Art Institute’s “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” exhibition, which runs through May 10, 2016, and brings together all three versions of “The Bedroom” for the first time in North America. 36 other works by the artist, including paintings, drawings and illustrated letters will also be featured.

Decorated in a “post-impressionist style, reminiscent of southern France and time gone by,” the room will make guests feel like they’re living in a painting.


2Hobbit House (Thaliand)

While visiting Thailand, kick your feet up like a true Hobbit. Just two hours from Bangkok, Hobbit House is entirely above ground, but otherwise bears a relatively decent likeness to Bag End, right down to the round green door and earthen roof. Luckily, however, this version has air conditioning and wireless Internet.

The price to rent this beauty is just $67 per night or $1,345 a month if you can’t bear to tear yourself away. You can get more information on Airbnb, which offers a bit more detail about the surrounding areas.


3Vecindad del Chavo del Ocho (Mexico)

Roberto Gómez Fernández (son of the late “Chespirito”) and Airbnb teamed up to give one lucky “Chavo del Ocho’s” fan an unforgettable experience. In 2015, Caracol TV’s “La Red” got exclusive access to Gómez Fernández’ replica of the show’s set. Inside, there’s a special hallway decorated with “El Chavo” memorabilia.

After realizing that no one else knew about the existence of this magical place, the 51-year-old producer decided to participate in a one-of-a-kind contest that would give a fan the chance to spend one night in the famous “Vecindad del Chavo del Ocho.” All participants had to do was send Roberto a message telling him why they would want to spend a night in this unique rental.

Check out “La Red’s” story on this TV landmark and the amazing, and very modern, accommodations the replica included for this contest. We wouldn’t mind spending a couple of nights there, would you?


4Super Mario Bros Apartment (Tokyo)

This short-term apartment in Tokyo is decorated for your inner plumber and is conveniently close to a train station. Please do not slide down any pipes in the apartment or punch the yellow question blocks — you might lose some of your security deposit.

You might be wondering where the owner managed to buy all of these Mario-related knickknacks. In some cases he didn’t buy them at all — the artistic Nintendo fan created many of the pieces himself.


5Star Wars' Tatooine (California desert)

Similar in likeness to Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine and the Lars homestead, these terracotta-colored Sleep Pod Earth Domes in the California desert can accommodate families of four. Dome walls are built using Earthbag technology that keeps buildings cool in the summer and warm in winter.


6Hello Kitty Apartment (Osaka)

If you are planning to go to Osaka, you should sleep at this amazing Hello Kitty Apartment available via Airbnb. To answer your questions — yes, it’s an apartment full of Hello Kitty swag. There are Hello Kitty rugs, Hello Kitty pillows, Hello Kitty dish scrubbers, and Hello Kitty shower gel dispensers.


7Bowie Tribute Room (Toronto)

If you’re looking for a cool place to stay in Toronto, this Airbnb listing near Queen and Ossington could be for you. It’s a one-bedroom, one bath apartment for those obsessed with all things Bowie. From Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane to the Thin White Duke you’ll find it here, and there’s another bonus — the kitchen comes fully equipped with Kraft Dinner, Campbell’s Soup and Peek Frean Cookies. Previous guests gave the place great reviews, and every rental includes a free peach berserk hoody and a copy of the owner’s DVD/book. What a perk.


8Netflix and Chill' themed apartment (New York City)

Netflix and Chill just got the Airbnb treatment in New York City. Three hosts are bringing the meme to life by decking out a West Village 1-bedroom apartment. The room, which costs $400 a night, features a Netflix bedspread, a fully stocked mini-bar, an HD projector with an AppleTV and Netflix account, and access to the roof.

The idea came from Tom Galle, a 31-year-old who works in advertising, Moises Sanabria, a 25-year-old artist, and Alyssa Davis, a 26-year-old engineer at Art404 (a New York-based art company). The room belongs to Sanabria and Davis, who share the apartment with other Art404 members.


9Backyard Igloo (Brooklyn, NY)

A man from New York built a romantic “boutique” igloo in his Brooklyn backyard, then got the cold shoulder from Airbnb when he listed it for $200 per night.

Patrick Horton used the vast quantities of powder from January 2016’s historic storm to build the artisanal accommodations outside his actual residence on India St. in Greenpoint.

“We figured someone might want to take their Tinder date there and would be willing to pay for it. How many girls could say they were taken on a date in an urban igloo? Not many,” Horton, 28, explained.

Sadly for the aspiring proprietor, Airbnb.com iced his listing in a matter of hours, leading him to consider other options.


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