9 Amazing Photos From Behind Waterfalls

1Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (Iceland)

Seljalandsfoss is one of the best-known waterfalls in Iceland. It’s also one of the country’s most popular natural wonders. It has a 60-meter drop and is part of the river Seljalands, which has its origin in the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic glacier. Visitors can even walk behind Seljalandsfoss into a small cave.


2Dry Falls (Highlands, North Carolina)

Less than a mile from Bridal Veil Falls, Dry Falls drops 80 feet—40 feet of that distance is a free fall. A paved path leads down from the parking lot and takes you inside a recessed ledge behind the roaring—and sometimes drenching—waters for a view from the other side.


3Tunnel Falls (Oregon)

Tunnel Falls is the traditional turnaround spot for many on the Eagle Creek Trail in Columbia Gorge, Oregon, and it is indeed a splendid climax. Over the last thousand years, the falls have carved a majestic basin here, plunging 160 feet from towering basalt cliffs to the rushing creek-bed below.

While this scene is impressive enough, the most bewildering aspect of the falls in the passageway behind them. Trail builders from the early 1900s blasted a tunnel across the sheer rock face on the far side, making this area the slickest—and perhaps the most dangerous—section of trail in the Columbia River Gorge. Looking downstream, you can see where the two forks of Eagle Creek converge, meeting at Grand Union Falls.


4Minnehaha Falls (Minnesota)

It gets so cold in Minnesota, waterfalls become completely frozen. What a stunning sight to see! Minnehaha Falls can be found near the entrance to Minnehaha Park.


5Sipi Falls (Uganda)

Uganda’s Sipi River flows across cliffs & rocks that punctuate the foothills of Mountain Elgon in the Kapchorwa District. It has a series of rapids and a set of three incredibly beautiful waterfalls—the Sipi Falls.

The first waterfall plunges 85 meters over a cliff into the plunge pool below. It is the second highest of the three and gives off such a thunderous splash! Midway through the cliff is a trail that cuts behind the waterfall. It looks quite scary from the bottom, but it is safe and is an incredible vantage point for better views of the falls, Mt. Elgon, and the distant plains of the Karamoja region.

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6Sgwd yr Eira (Wales)

The “falls of snow” plunge over a hard band of sandstone—its overhang protects the walker from the full force of the water. The closure of the path behind the falls during the 2007- 2008 season was controversial. Local landowners, the Forestry Commission, the Countryside Council for Wales, and the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority allowed the route to be re-opened later in 2008.


7Steinsdalsfossen (Norway)

Steinsdalsfossen is a 46 meter (150 ft.) high waterfall near Norheimsund, Norway. It is one of the most visited and photographed attractions in the country and is a spectacular sight when the snow melts in May and June.

The charm of the waterfall lies behind it, where there is a path, which allows visitors an unusual view of the waterfall. It is possible to see its beauty even at night when the water is illuminated with floodlights.


8Ontario Waterfall at the Niagara Escarpment (Canada)

The Niagara Escarpment is a beautiful and internationally recognized slope extending from New York through Ontario. Photographer Michael Gordon decided to hike behind one of these waterfalls during winter, and the view was amazing.


9Waterfall at the Main Lagoon of Hilton Waikoloa (Hawaii)

Not many couples can say that they have a wedding photograph from behind a waterfall, but how awesome is it that Hilton Waikoloa gives you the option?


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