8 Utterly Weird Ways to Bring Anime into Your Real Life

1Touch Something Real With The Anna Mae Realdoll

For the ultimate immersion in anime lust, try the Anna Mae Realdoll. Personally, this one really creeps me out. It’s one thing to have a crush on a cartoon girl. It’s even not that bad to have a very real looking blow up doll. But, to cross the two is just too much and those breasts are terrifying. Whatever floats your boat, but please keep that lake water far, far away from me.


2Love Your Anime With The Aiko Love Doll With Removable Vagina

When you can’t afford the realistic love of Anna Mae, a regular anime blow up doll is a good second choice. This Aiko love doll has a removable, washable pocket vagina…sexy.


3Marry Your Video Game or Body Pillow

If you care more about a lasting emotional relationship than a physical fling, then perhaps a marriage is in order. If you think it’s weird to marry an anime-related object, then consider the fact that you certainly wouldn’t be the first.
Last year, Nene Anegasaki of Japan married his video game girlfriend that exists in a Nintendo DS game called Love Plus. In March of this year, Lee Jin-gyu of Korea followed suit, this time dedicating his life to a body pillow featuring a picture of anime character Fate Testarossa from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

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4Strip Down Cyber Alice

If you want all the benefits of an interactive video game with something more sexual –say maybe a little molestation, you should try the “Cyber Figure Alice.” This adorable, pre-pubescent lolita girl is yours for the virtual touching. Simply point your webcam at the “cybercube” and she’ll appear on your computer screen. After that, you’re free to poke, peep and prod at her with your “cyber stick.” Best of all, you can even use the sticks to strip her clothes off!


5Make Yourself Look Animated With Extra Wide Contacts

If your dream isn’t just to become romantically entangled with an anime character, but to be one yourself, these extra-wide contact lenses are your first step towards cartoondom. Just insert the lenses, stare in the mirror and imagine your way into any of your favorite cartoons.


6Meet A Real Lolita At A Maid Cafe

If you love anime and you can afford a trip to Japan, why aren’t you there right now? If so, you could be experiencing really hot girls in lolita clothes serving you pancakes at a fabulous maid cafe. Or, a butler cafe for lady anime fans. You are so missing out right now! They even flirt with you and write your name in ketchup! Otaku culture may always be hot, but it’s rarely this easy to reach out and touch.


7Buy A Real Manga Machine

Here’s a simple way to get your manga fix. Dress up something you use everyday –your computer tower. If you’re good with your hands, you can make your own anime girl tower, or if you’re rich and not very handy with tools, you could always buy a pre-made (and legless) manga tower (pictured) for a measly 350,000 yen –or 4, 163 American dollars.

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8Squeeze Some Anime Mouse Pad Boobies

If you do opt for an anime computer, a manga mouse pad is a must have accessory and while there are some boring ones featuring famous characters, the good ones have an interesting form of wrist support that utilize the power of funbags. Unlike the rest of the items on this list, this is one product purchase you actually can defend, just tell anyone critiquing you that you need the ergonomic support.


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